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Wednesday March 25th, 2020 morning edition

image for Adult Animation Is Now ‘The Fastest-Growing Animation Category’: Report

Adult animation, particularly series, is growing and diversifying like never before.

This claim won’t surprise anyone who’s been observing the industry in recent years.

But it is now backed up by a comprehensive new white paper, “Adult Animation Finally Breaking Free of its Comedy Shackles.”.

Written by John Evershed, co-founder and former CEO of Mondo Media, the paper maps the scene in two dozen pages of stats, quotes, and other materials.

Evershed focuses mostly on North American shows that are currently airing or in development/production.

He concludes that “adult animation is arguably the fastest-growing animation category with the most headroom for growth. »

‘We win’: Trump appears to claim victory over coronavirus as US death toll jumps 129 in one day

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He has targeted Easter, 12 April, as his date for declaring the United States “open for business.”

During his daily White House Covid-19 briefing, Mr Trump said his coronavirus task force is crafting a “sophisticated plan” to guide the eventual reopening of the economy.

“We have the best minds in the country, 24/7, all hands on deck trying to find a path here. »

More Americans Favor Decriminalizing Sex Work

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Decriminalizing sex work means ending laws that make it illegal to sell and buy consensual, adult sex or related activities like advertising sex work or renting a room to a sex worker.

Decriminalization campaigns in Washington, DC and New York have both gained traction in recent months after decades of efforts by sex worker activists.

Elected officials should listen to voters and begin decriminalizing sex work in the US. »

Did You Know: Disney Is The Second Largest Buyer Of Explosives In The World

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We all know who the biggest buyer of explosives in the world is—the US Department of Defense makes quite an effort to make that obvious.

Disney World is the second largest consumer when it comes to explosive devices, ranking right after the US Government.

If they fail to provide one of the biggest shows one the planet, that’ll be not be quite like being in Disney World. »