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Tuesday March 24th, 2020 evening edition

image for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has some problems when you create multiple accounts

But, it appears that progress for the shared island as a whole is gated for everyone but the first player.

Anger is currently spilling over into MetaCritic, where fans are logging in to “review-bomb” the game.

Over 160 negative reviews have been recorded at time of publication, with many of them marked as 0.

One of the first tasks in the game requires the primary resident to donate five creatures to Tom Nook for study.

Until the primary resident donates these five creatures, a number of features remains locked for all other players, including the much-needed axe.

“This is really sad and destroys the backbone of what makes me love Animal Crossing.”.

Polygon has reached out to Nintendo for comment on the issue and whether it’s something that will be addressed in the future. »

'Repulsive': Outrage as Texas Lieutenant Gov. Says Seniors Willing to Risk Coronavirus Infection to Protect Economy

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"If that's the exchange, I'm all in," Patrick said of the choice between risking infection and protecting the economy by returning people to work.

"This crisis is really laying bare the extent to which we are ruled by completely craven psychopaths," tweeted Micah Uetricht, managing editor at Jacobin magazine.

"This statement is repulsive and unfortunately reflective of the attitude many Texas [Republicans] have regarding people and money. »

Selfless priest dies of coronavirus after giving up his respirator for younger patient

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He was admitted with acute difficulty in breathing after which parishioners bought him a respirator to aid his breathing.

After seeing the frustrations of a critically ill and younger patient who was lacking a ventilator, the cleric reportedly told the medics to transfer his breathing support machine to the patient.

Giuseppe Berardelli, a 72-year-old priest who gave a respirator (that his parishioners had purchased for him), to a younger patient (whom he did not know), has died from coronavirus,” he posted and attached Barardelli’s picture. »

Coronavirus: Italian priest who gave respirator to younger patient dies of disease

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A 72-year-old priest who gave his respirator to a younger Covid-19 patient he did not know has died from coronavirus.

Father Giuseppe Berardelli, the main priest in the town of Casnigo, refused a respirator which had been bought for him by his parishioners and instead gave it to a younger patient.

He died last week in Lovere, Bergamo - one of the worst-hit cities in Italy’s ongoing coronavirus crisis. »

Brampton hospital, TV show actors named in lawsuit

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None of the allegations against any of the defendants have been proven in court.

William Osler spokesperson Cara Francis said patient privacy policy restricts the hospital from speaking about an individual patient case.

"What I can share is that Osler has a comprehensive process and strict policies around patient privacy. »