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Sunday March 22nd, 2020 evening edition

image for Jeff Bezos is asking laid-off restaurant and bar workers to come work for Amazon amid the coronavirus crisis

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement on Saturday the company is hiring for 100,000 new roles, and urged laid-off restaurant workers to apply.

Bezos added that the company has implemented a number of health and safety measures in response to the crisis, and has raised wages for hourly workers.

The deluge has forced the company into a tricky balancing act between protecting the health of its workers and keeping up with the rapid pace of customers' orders.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is urging laid-off workers from closed-down restaurants and bars to come join the company as it struggles to accommodate an enormous volume of orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"At the same time, other businesses like restaurants and bars are being forced to shut their doors," Bezos said in a statement Saturday evening.

Bezos added that the company has implemented a number of health and safety measures in response to the crisis.

A post shared by Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos) on Mar 21, 2020 at 4:23pm PDT Mar 21, 2020 at 4:23pm PDT. »

Trump has completely mishandled the coronavirus response and should resign

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As of noon Sunday, March 22, 89 Maine residents have been confirmed positive for the coronavirus, according to the state.

In a time when protecting the nation’s public health demands clear, truthful and compassionate leadership, President Donald Trump has offered exactly the opposite.

He is a clear and present danger to the nation’s public health, and he should resign immediately. »

Vaccine fears brought measles back to New York

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More than 600 people in New York City contracted measles between October 2018 and July 2019, and 49 had to be hospitalized.

The outbreak started after one unvaccinated child fell sick with the disease after returning home from Israel in September 2018.

Among 37 children hospitalized with the virus, 35 had not received the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. »

JetBlue flight attendant quits job via escape slide

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At the time of the incident, the 38-year-old Slater was a steward on Flight 1052 from Pittsburgh to New York City.

He contended that when the flight landed a passenger became abusive toward him during an argument over luggage.

Afterward, he took two beers from the beverage cart, deployed the emergency exit and started down the slide. »