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Thursday March 19th, 2020 morning edition

image for Oil collapses by another 24% to $20. It hasn't been this low since 2002

It's now facing the weakest oil price since the first term of President George W. Bush.

The acceleration reflects a growing realization of just how much the coronavirus outbreak is slamming the world economy.

The relentless selling is being driven by a crushing combination of excess supply and shrinking demand.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused global travel to collapse, eating into the world's once-insatiable thirst for oil, which powers the economy.

At the same time, Russia and Saudi Arabia picked a terrible time to step away from roles as price stabilizers.

Goldman Sachs warned Tuesday evening of an "inevitable fall" in US oil prices to around $20 a barrel during the second quarter.

That calls into question how much American consumers will really benefit from the oil crash. »

It Pays to Be Rich During a Pandemic

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“We hear politicians say all the time that we have the best health-care system in the world,” Potter, now a leading advocate for Medicare for All, told me.

“We have fabulous doctors and health-care facilities, but they’re off-limits to a lot of people because of the cost.”.

But what is off-limits to some is readily available to others—namely the wealthy, powerful, and connected—through a combination of front, side, and back doors. »

Playboy Magazine Is Closing Down, Probably for Good

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Playboy has announced that it’s closing down its flagship magazine for the rest of 2020.

The articles were, indeed, pretty good, even if Playboy tended to pay extremely well for the second-tier writing of first-tier talents.

But that’s also a little unfair: Playboy published good work by Ursula K. Le Guin, Joyce Carol Oates, and James Baldwin. »

Trudeau unveils $82B COVID-19 emergency response package for Canadians, businesses

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The package includes $27 billion in direct supports and another $55 billion to help business liquidity through tax deferrals.

PM Justin Trudeau announced a $82 billion aid package to help individuals and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis and assured Canadians the economy will recover quickly.

Today's announcement is in addition to a $1 billion COVID-19 response package and supports for business already announced by the government. »

Trump Is Lying. He Did Not Take Coronavirus Seriously for Weeks.

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Trump said it was contained, that it would miraculously go away, that it would not rise from the level of 15 cases, that people were going to work while sick—no big deal.

The official response reflected this, most prominently in the miserable American effort to get reliable and accessible test kits.

His previous record, however, should not be forgotten just because he lies about it very loudly, over and over again. »