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Tuesday March 17th, 2020 evening edition

image for European college warned students to return from “poorly developed” U.S. during pandemic

The biggest college in Norway urged students to return from countries with "poorly developed" health systems — such as the United States!

— as experts warned that the American hospital system would be overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Norway's University of Science and Technology issued an alert to students studying abroad urging them to "return home.".

The statement came as Norway, which has reported more than 1,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, took drastic actions in response to the pandemic.

The country closed its airports to all foreign citizens and will require its citizens to be quarantined for 14 days after returning from overseas.

"Even in this early phase, public health experts say the single-payer, state-run systems are proving themselves relatively robust," The Washington Post reported.

"If things get crazier, you have to think about triaging the use of ICU beds and ventilators," he said. »

The economy is crashing again. This time, let's bail out ordinary Americans.

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The economy didn't collapse, not completely, but it came close, and uncounted lives were shattered as a result.

"We've experienced parts of this before, just never all at once," Princeton University historian Keven M. Kruse said Monday on Twitter.

This time, let's get creative and focus the bailouts on individual Americans and the communities where they live. »

Reporters Without Borders’ Uncensored Minecraft Library is Going to Fundamentally Undermine Government Censorship of the Press.

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Reporters Without Borders’ Uncensored Minecraft Library is Going to Fundamentally Undermine Government Censorship of the Press.

When Reporters Without Borders came up with the idea to build an uncensored Minecraft library, they opened up a new venue allowing citizens to see news which they otherwise would not have.

If contributors to The Unlicensed Library can do that, it’s going to become a powerful resource for those looking to maintain freedom of the press. »

A Tale of Many Cities: A Contemporary Historical Study of the Implementation of School Closures during the 2009 pA(H1N1) Influenza Pandemic

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Three cities (Boston, New Orleans, and New York City) closed schools on the basis of high levels of ILI absenteeism.

Sixteen public and public charter schools were closed in Boston, with an additional three private schools opting to close as well.

As a result, officials closed only two Dallas public schools in the spring of 2009. »

What If Andrew Yang Was Right?

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Harris: These coronavirus closures will put a lot of Americans in financially precarious situations.

Yang: It would be immensely helpful right now in this time of crisis.

So these are massive economic and social changes that we just have adapted to in a meaningful way. »