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Tuesday March 10th, 2020 evening edition

image for Sanders responds to Clinton criticism: 'Unlike Secretary Clinton, I don't want to relive 2016'

Sen. Bernie Sanders Bernie SandersPress: Bernie Sanders has already won The Hill's Morning Report - Can Trump, Congress agree on coronavirus package?

Biden ready for big wins on Tuesday MORE, saying he doesn't want to relive 2016, unlike the former Democratic nominee.

At a Fox News town hall, moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum played a clip for Sanders from a new documentary about Clinton.

"Bernie just drove me crazy," Clinton said in the clip.

To her criticism, Sanders responded: "Unlike Secretary Clinton, I don’t want to relive 2016.

Sanders pulled off an upset win against Clinton in Michigan in 2016.

Biden currently leads Sanders in delegates after a strong showing last week on Super Tuesday. »

Coronavirus: Italy suspends mortgage payments amid lockdown

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Payments on mortgages are to be suspended in Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak, the country’s government has announced.

When asked about the possibility of halting mortgage payments on Radio Anch’io, Laura Castelli, the deputy economy minister, said: ”Yes, that will be the case, for individuals and households.”.

The entire country was placed on lockdown on Tuesday morning, with all public gatherings cancelled, and universities and schools closed until next month. »

'Rape of 2 Coreys': Website hosting Corey Feldman's Hollywood pedophile ring expose goes down before bombshell

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Just minutes before Corey Feldman's much-anticipated documentary on Hollywood pedophilia is set to air on the website mytruthdoc, viewers are complaining that they cannot access the website.

One user on Feldman's official Twitter account complained, writing: "Why am I getting an access forbidden error?

Feldman, in a recent live video on Twitter, said his allegations against Hollywood celebrities have led him to live in fear. »

Coronavirus: Italy struggles to cope with lockdown

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"The school is closed because there is a spiteful little monster that's jumping from one tiny body to the other.

It has even put a crown on as it wants to be a little prince; it's tiny, tiny and it jumps from here to there.

At the end, they ask the children to draw the virus and bring their drawing to school when it re-opens. »

Amazon offers cashierless tech to rival retailers

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Amazon on Monday began offering its "just walk out" technology to other retailers in a move aimed at boosting the use of the cashierless store system.

The US technology giant launched a new website to promote the offering, saying the installation can be done in "as little as a few weeks.".

"Just Walk Out technology enables shoppers to simply enter a store, grab what they want, and just go," the website said. »