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Monday March 9th, 2020 day edition

image for Oil is down 21% after its biggest drop in decades following Saudi price cuts that sparked a race to the bottom with Russia

Foto: Markets Insider A graph showing the drop in the price of brent crude oil over the last 30 days.

Oil prices tumbled as much as 34% – their most in decades – between Sunday and Monday.

The dramatic plunge was prompted by Saudi Arabia, which sharply cut prices when its market opened Monday.

It was a response to Russia, which over the weekend refused to restrict how much oil it was producing.

The price of oil tumbled more than 30% on Monday, its sharpest single-day decline since the Gulf War in 1991.

The crash was fueled by sinking demand amid the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus, which in turn sparked a series of price cuts.

Markets and assets across the board were also hit hard by the crash, Business Insider’s Theron Mohamed reported. »

Donald Trump Shook Hands with CPAC Chairman Exposed to Attendee Infected with Coronavirus

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President Donald Trump shook hands with CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp at the conservative conference last week, during which Schlapp engaged with an attendee who has since tested positive for the coronavirus.

The American Conservative Union said in a statement that the CPAC attendee was exposed to the coronavirus prior to the conference, which took place Feb. 26-29 in National Harbor, Maryland.

CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp tells me he interacted with attendee who has tested positive for coronavirus. »

The coronavirus outbreak will change business, work and politics

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If the growing novel coronavirus outbreak becomes a lasting pandemic, it could accelerate fundamental changes in the economy, politics and the workplace.

But the longer the outbreak endures, the more likely it is that coping responses will remain with us.

According to Kentik, a global provider of network analytics, videoconferencing traffic in North America and Asia has doubled since the outbreak began. »

How tennis changed from white to yellow balls thanks to David Attenborough

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And here is David Attenborough’s contribution to tennis: “Yellow tennis balls, which look better on colour TV, were the idea of David Attenborough when he was Controller of BBC2.

Older tennis fans will no doubt remember the days of white tennis balls, but those born after a certain date might not be aware that the sport didn’t always use yellow balls.

“The ITF introduced yellow tennis balls into the rules of tennis, as research had shown these balls to be more visible to television viewers. »

Most parents do not successfully transmit their political values to their children, study finds

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The study also discovered some factors that appear to influence whether parents successfully transmit their partisan identities to their children.

First, children must accurately perceive their parent’s values, then they must choose whether or not to adopt those values.

On average, 28% of children misperceived their parents’ values and 35% of children rejected whatever they perceived their parents to be. »