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Saturday March 7th, 2020 night edition

image for Reddit ran wild with Boston bombing conspiracy theories in 2013 and is now an epicenter for coronavirus misinformation. The site is doing almost nothing to change that.

However, the popular subreddit and other coronavirus-related content have seemingly been left unchecked and unfiltered by Reddit.

Reddit has faced criticism before for the actions of its communities, particularly for a type of vigilante investigation common on the platform.

Reddit users were held responsible for incorrectly identifying a 22-year-old college student as one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

Reddit users have clamored to several coronavirus-related subreddits, including r/coronavirus, which has more than 600,000 members.

A former r/coronavirus moderator told Vice that Reddit’s moderation system was „insufficient“ in preventing the spread of coronavirus misinformation.

Vice’s deep dive into content on r/Wuhan_flu found that the subreddit was full of „unvetted information, conspiracy theory, and paranoia.“

Perhaps the best-known example of Reddit’s power is from 2013, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. »

F.D.A. Bans School Electric Shock Devices

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She said that her son had brain damage and epilepsy, and that he showed severe aggression as a teenager.

Mr. Goldberg went to live at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center at age 19 and began wearing an electric shock device.

Ms. Goldberg said her son would receive two-second shocks as a sporadic part of a broader treatment plan. »

Opinion | How Working-Class Life Is Killing Americans, in Charts

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Up and down the age spectrum, deaths of despair have been surging for people without a four-year college degree:.

But over the past three decades, deaths of despair among whites without a college degree — especially those under age 50 — have soared.

The death rate for whites with a college degree, by contrast, has risen only modestly across all age groups and remains lower for the young than the old. »

Susan Collins doesn't "understand" why voters turned on her. Did she forget her impeachment vote?

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Both polls show massive movement from last year, when a June poll showed Collins leading Gideon by 16 points.

But the new poll reveals exactly why many Democrats and independents who previously supported Collins have soured on her candidacy.

The poll finds that 75% of Democrats and 51% of independents think Collins voted to acquit Trump in order to protect him politically — not because she believed he did not commit an impeachable offense. »

The Last Of Us TV Show Writer Confirms He Won't Change Ellie's Sexuality

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Ellie’s sexuality has been a divisive issue among fans ever since it became apparent that Ellie was gay in the first DLC, Left Behind.

Ellie's sexuality has been further confirmed by the marketing for The Last of Us Part II, with an early trailer showing her kissing another woman.

Even beyond that, the society that exists in the Last Of Us world is a far stretch from our own. »