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Friday March 6th, 2020 night edition

image for Elizabeth Warren drops out of 2020 presidential race after disappointing Super Tuesday showing

Warren has spoken to both candidates by phone in recent days, though none of the Democrats has said what was discussed.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren quit the Democratic presidential race on Thursday, leaving former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders as the last major contenders battling for the nomination to challenge President Donald Trump this fall.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren talks to reporters with her husband Bruce behind her outside their house after informing her staff that she is withdrawing from the 2020 presidential race in Cambridge, Massachusetts, March 5, 2020.

Her departure leaves what was once a historically diverse Democratic field essentially narrowed to two white men in their 70s.

Surrounded by supporters in Massachusetts on Thursday, Warren described her anguish that there would not be a woman nominee in 2020.

The trajectory of the race has rapidly shifted in recent days, with Biden gaining momentum in the contests that voted on Super Tuesday.

Biden's performance on Super Tuesday then spurred Bloomberg to exit the race and endorse the former vice president. »

Andrew Yang launches nonprofit aimed at making his former campaign's ideas a reality

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Washington (CNN) Nearly a month after ending his long shot Democratic presidential campaign, Andrew Yang launched on Thursday a nonprofit group focused on making the central ideas of his campaign a reality.

The group, called Humanity Forward, will "endorse and provide resources to political candidates who embrace Universal Basic Income, human-centered capitalism and other aligned policies at every level," according to its website.

A prominent platform in his campaign was his so-called Freedom Dividend, a plan to give every American adult $1,000 a month universal basic income that he argued would alleviate a host of social ills and eradicate poverty. »

Elizabeth Warren, Once a Front-Runner, Drops Out of Presidential Race

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In the fall, most national polls showed that Ms. Warren was the national pacesetter in the Democratic field.

She invested heavily in the early states, with a ground game that was the envy of her rivals.

When her staff gathered Thursday, many were clad in liberty green, the color her campaign adopted to symbolize its togetherness. »