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Friday March 6th, 2020 evening edition

image for F.D.A. Bans School Electric Shock Devices

“I just feel like I got punched in the gut when they did this,” said Louisa Goldberg, 66, whose son Andrew Goldberg, 39, lives at the center.

She said that her son had brain damage and epilepsy, and that he showed severe aggression as a teenager.

There were violent episodes, trips to the hospital, and psychotropic medications that left him sluggish.

Mr. Goldberg went to live at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center at age 19 and began wearing an electric shock device.

Ms. Goldberg said her son would receive two-second shocks as a sporadic part of a broader treatment plan.

“This treatment works, and I will stand by it, and I will fight for it,” Ms. Goldberg said.

The school administers the electric shocks with a device called a graduated electronic decelerator. »

12,000 Nazis lived in Argentina in 1930s with Swiss bank accounts, newly discovered documents show

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A newly discovered cache of documents appears to identify more than 12,000 Nazis who lived in Argentina in the 1930s and who had one or more bank accounts at what is now Credit Suisse bank.

According to the center, much of the monies were transferred to secret Swiss bank accounts, including the former Schweizerische Kreditanstalt, which became the Credit Suisse bank, based in Zurich.

They believe some of these bank accounts may be among those listed in the newly discovered files in Argentina. »

Coronavirus: Trump cancels visit to CDC headquarters amid outbreak fears

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Donald Trump has cancelled his visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters amid coronavirus fears, according to a senior White House official.

“Better safe than sorry,” the person said Friday morning, referring to the risk of the virus entering the CDC facility inadvertently.

The US president was due to visit the CDC in Atlanta to sign a US$8 billion coronavirus funding bill to help tackle the outbreak. »

People kept working, became healthier while on basic income: report

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Participants in Ontario's prematurely cancelled basic income pilot project were happier, healthier and continued working even though they were receiving money with no-strings attached.

The report shows nearly three-quarters of respondents who were working when the pilot project began kept at it despite receiving basic income.

Wayne Lewchuk is one of the researchers behind the report that surveyed participants about the affect Ontario's basic income pilot project had on their lives. »

Airlines are burning thousands of gallons of fuel flying empty 'ghost' planes so they can keep their flight slots during the coronavirus outbreak

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Some airlines have wasted thousands of gallons of fuel flying the empty planes into and out of Europe.

Demand for flights has collapsed worldwide, with one airline-industry group saying the outbreak could wipe out up to $113 billion in sales.

Airlines have wasted thousands of gallons of fuel running empty "ghost" flights during the coronavirus outbreak because of European rules saying operators can lose their flight slots if they keep their planes on the ground. »