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Wednesday March 4th, 2020 day edition

image for Inside the Race to Save Cuba’s Coral Reefs

For years, it was an open secret among divers and researchers alike that the coral reefs of Cuba were spectacular.

Today, with the relationship between the United States and Cuba improving, more collaboration is possible on scientific topics than ever before.

That means that researchers and conservationists are now scrambling to collect data on the coral reefs — before climate change destroys their preserved state.

It’s the largest island in the Caribbean and there’s almost no data on things like fish distribution.”.

Fernando Bretos, the director of the Cuba Marine Research and Conservation Program (CubaMar) of the Ocean Foundation, is one such conservationist.

“The position involved considerable work in Cuba, and, at the time, there were very few U.S. organizations on the island.”.

The team hopes that the REAs will shed light on why Cuban coral reefs are healthier than many others. »

NH's 1st Coronavirus Patient, Told to Stay Isolated, Went to Event, Officials Say

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New Hampshire's first coronavirus patient, a hospital employee, went to an event tied to Dartmouth business school on Friday despite being told to stay isolated, officials say, and all others who went to the event are now being told to stay isolated.

Health officials have identified presumptive cases of coronavirus in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island in recent days.

State health officials said that the first coronavirus patient "attended an invitation-only private event on Friday" despite being told to stay isolated. »

8% of Iran parliament members test positive for coronavirus

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Eight per cent of Iran's parliament has been tested positive for coronavirus, according to a CNN report.

Lawmaker Abdul Reza Misri said 23 members of parliament have been infected, according to state TV-affiliated website YJC.

According to Iran's deputy parliament speaker Abdul Reza Misri, 23 parliament members out of 290 have tested positive for the coronavirus, the report said, adding that meetings between lawmakers and citizens were cancelled in the wake of coronavirus outbreak in Iran. »

World's biggest meat company linked to 'brutal massacre' in Amazon

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The report by Repórter Brasil comes as JBS faces growing pressure over transparency failings in its Amazon cattle supply chain.

Meat company faces heat over ‘cattle laundering’ in Amazon supply chain Read more.

Between January 2016 and October 2017 the company exported thousands of cubic metres of timber to the US and Europe. »

Pornhub to Release First Ever Non-Adult Film, About Black Lesbian Strip Club Culture (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ubiquitous American pornography website Pornhub is releasing its first ever non-adult film on Wednesday, the company exclusively announced to Variety.

“Shakedown” is a stream-of-consciousness, nonfiction narrative about the queer women and men who populated the lesbian strip club scene in Los Angeles in the early aughts.

Official Pornhub merchandise and clothes emblazoned with search engine terms featured prominently in the line’s 2016 fall collection. »