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Thursday February 27th, 2020 morning edition

image for Poll: Two-thirds of voters say billionaires should pay a wealth tax

Around two-thirds of Americans say they support a "wealth tax" on billionaires in an effort to close the wealth gap in the country, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll.

Sixty-seven percent of registered voters surveyed in the poll released Wednesday said billionaires should be targeted and have to pay a wealth tax to cut down on inequality, while 33 percent opposed such an effort.

The survey found majority support for such a tax among Democrats and independents, at 85 percent and 66 percent, respectively.

Republicans were more divided, with 53 percent saying the ultra-rich should not be subjected to an additional tax and 47 percent in favor.

In a February 2019 poll, 74 percent of registered voters said they would support an annual 2 percent wealth tax on those with assets over $50 million, and a 3 percent tax on people with assets in excess of $1 billion.

Two-thirds of Americans support the adoption of a 'wealth tax' on billionaires.

have put wealth inequality at the forefront of their White House bids, with both advocating for wealthier Americans to pay more in taxes. »

James Bond 'No Time To Die' Runtime

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Not content with playing the MI6 for longer than any other actor, his swansong will also be the longest Bond film in the franchise, according to runtime details released by cinemas in the US and the Netherlands.

US cinema chain Regal has revealed that the 25th Bond film will clock in at 163 minutes – that's two hours and 43 minutes fact fans – which beats the previous longest Bond film, Spectre, by a quarter of an hour.

Oddly enough, Craig's stint also includes the shortest Bond film, Quantum of Solace, which had a runtime of 106 minutes. »

Missouri hunters donated nearly 350,000 pounds of deer meat to food banks this season

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(CNN) Missouri deer hunters donated nearly 350,000 pounds of venison to food banks and pantries across the state this season, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) said in a news release.

The hunters donated the meat to Missouri's Share the Harvest program, which provides "lean, healthy" venison to help feed hungry Missourians.

Since then, more than 4.3 million pounds of meat has been ground, packaged and donated to people in need. »

Looks like Earth has a new natural moon

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The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center (MPC) announced late yesterday that Earth has a new “temporary captured object”: a tiny new moon apparently captured into Earth orbit three years ago.

Those observations were needed to refine an orbit for the object, and to confirm it does appear to be orbiting Earth.

Bottom line: Earth apparently has a new natural satellite – albeit a temporary one – captured into orbit around our planet three years ago. »

Coronavirus: Trump contradicts his own health experts on whether US faces severe illnesses

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Donald Trump has disagreed with his own health experts who have warned it was inevitable that coronavirus would spread within the US.

I don’t think think it’s inevitable because we’re doing a really job at the borders and checking people coming in,” he said.

Coronavirus: Streets around world left empty 1/10 A man wearing a face mask crosses a road in Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak. »