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Thursday February 20th, 2020 day edition

image for Bernie Sanders calls Bloomberg’s wealth ‘grotesque’ to his face

The debate moderators asked about Sanders tweet from September last year where he said: “billionaires should not exist.”

Eventually, Sanders elaborated on his stance as he stood just feet away from Michael Bloomberg.

“We have a grotesque and immoral distribution of wealth and income,” Sanders said.

“Mike Bloomberg owns more wealth than the bottom 125 million Americans.

We cannot continue seeing the situation where in the last three years billionaires in this country saw an $850 billion increase in their wealth.

Bernie Sanders' explanation for why billionaires should not exist and Chuck Todd's weak follow-up question for Bloomberg: — Louis Keene (@thislouis) February 20, 2020.

Sanders and Bloomberg have become foils of one another in the 2020 Democratic nomination process and got into a Twitter spat earlier this week. »

Germany shooting: 'Far-right extremist' carried out shisha bars attacks

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A suspected far-right extremist has killed at least nine people in attacks on two shisha bars in a city in western Germany, officials say.

Gun laws in Germany are among the most stringent in the world, and were tightened further in recent years after other mass shootings.

French President Emmanuel Macron: "Immense sadness and my full support for Germany in the face of this tragic attack... »

Bloomberg won’t release women from nondisclosure agreements

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Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg speaks during his presidential campaign in Austin, Texas, Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020.

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday that he won’t release women from confidentiality agreements they’ve signed relating to allegations of a hostile work environment at his company.

Bloomberg then speculated that “an awful lot of the women” would not want to disclose details of the confidentiality agreements. »

We Calculated How Much We Pay Trump to Play Golf. It Turns Out, He's America's 10th Highest Paid Athlete

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Since then, according to Trump Golf Count, which tracks the president’s golf outings, Trump played at least 71 times.

But $63 million in endorsements made Tiger the highest-paid golfer and the 11th highest-paid athlete in the world in 2019.

This includes thousands of dollars for lodging and feeding Secret Service agents paid directly to the resort owned by Trump. »

The Pentagon lost track of $715 million in weapons and gear funneled to anti-ISIS allies in Syria

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The core focus of the report is the resulting equipment redundancies that arise from poor accounting.

Poorly maintaining gear or ordering duplicates is one thing; maintaining custody of sensitive equipment, especially weapons, is another.

Indeed, the DoD audit found that the lax standards for gear accountability left "thousands" of weapons and other gear "vulnerable to loss or theft.". »