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Wednesday February 19th, 2020 morning edition

image for The US was left alone and humiliated on the world stage as European allies collectively dunked on Trump’s ‘America First’ policy at a major security conference

World leaders slammed the approach over the weekend at the Munich Security Conference, saying the US was rejecting the international community.

The conference was themed around the idea of the Western alliance fading, leaving Republicans who attended “taken aback” and defensive, according to Politico.

The US was once again left alienated from its European allies at the world’s biggest security conference as they rubbished President Donald Trump’s “America First” approach and painted a picture of an isolated country.

The Munich Security Conference in Germany, which was established in 1963, has long been a meeting of minds between nations.

caption French President Emmanuel Macron at a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

caption US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

(Biden’s quote said, “Like no other global forum, Munich connects European leaders and thinking with their peers from across the world.”). »

America’s monopoly problem, explained by your internet bill

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A growing group of vocal critics of various political stripes, however, are increasingly warning that we’ve gone too far.

If two pharmaceutical companies make a patent-protected drug and then raise their prices in tandem, what does that mean for patients?

We should be asking the government and corporate America how we got here. »

All-female League of Legends team Vaevictis kicked out of the LCL

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Last Summer, the team had an average of 27 deaths per game, 10 more than the next highest in the league, and had the shortest average game duration in the LCL of 22 minutes 11 seconds.

Vaevictis was subject to prejudice from other teams at the start of last season with RoX and Vega Squadron both receiving warnings for gender discrimination and a lack of sportsmanship.

Replacing Vaevictus will be Team CrowCrowd, an organisation that has been competing in semi-professional leagues since 2016 in hopes of eventually joining Russia’s major league. »

The Cost of Reading in Prison: In West Virginia it’s 5 cents a minute

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It is hard to fathom how they got here but the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation is charging inmates to read!.

It will take a person who is able to read 30 pages per hour about 11 hours to read the novel.

At the discounted $0.03/minute usage fee, 11 hours of reading a free book will cost a person about $19.80—and this is if you don’t stop to think or re-read. »