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Thursday February 13rd, 2020 morning edition

image for Senate Republicans block plans to make elections more secure from foreign interference

On Tuesday, Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn opposed the requests, accusing Democrats of using the measures as a fundraising effort to attack Republicans knowing that they would prevent their passage.

The number of cases of a deadly new coronavirus rose to more than 40000 in mainland China.

The World Health Organization has warned all governments to be on alert and screening has been stepped up at airports around the world.

Their introduction to the upper chamber of Congress follows a Senate Intelligence Committee report investigating 2016 election interference, revealing how poorly postured US elections are against Russian-backed manipulation, warning that have largely been ignored by Republicans.

A stack of 250 bills languished on Mr McConnell's desk late last year, including nine election security bills.

"Once again, Senate Republicans, afraid of the wrath of President Trump and Senator McConnell, blocked our efforts", said Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

"We'll see if our Republican friends are willing to stand up and do what's necessary to protect elections, something that Americans have died for over the centuries.". »

Girls sue to block participation of transgender athletes

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Smith, the daughter of former Major League pitcher Lee Smith, is among three girls suing to block a state policy that allows transgender athletes to compete in girls sports.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The families of three female high school runners filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from participating in girls sports. »

University professor compares 'OK, boomer' to 'n-word,' students say

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(CNN) A University of Oklahoma professor has apologized after saying "OK, boomer" is the same as saying "n***er," the university's student newspaper reported.

When a student made the comment Tuesday that journalists must keep up with younger generations, the professor said that was "the equivalent of saying 'OK, boomer' to him," the OU Daily reported.

The professor apologized in an email to students Tuesday evening, the OU Daily said. »

'The Saddest Thing Is That This Won't Be Breaking News': Concentration of CO2 Hits Record High of 416 ppm

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According to NOAA's Mauna Loa Observatory, an atmospheric baseline station in Hawaii, the daily average of CO2 levels on Feb. 10 was 416.08 parts per million.

In recent years, soaring rates of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have signaled that the world is not ambitiously addressing the climate crisis.

We have officially hit 416.08 ppm #CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere on February 10, 2020. »

Study provides new details on the link between sexual satisfaction and vibrator use

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New research sheds light on the relationship between sexual satisfaction and vibrator use in women with male partners.

The findings, which suggest that communication plays an important role, have been published in the journal Psychology & Sexuality.

“We are both working under the supervision of Dr. Caroline Pukall but we come from different research perspectives. »