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Sunday February 2nd, 2020 day edition

image for US government secretly admitted Trump's hurricane map was doctored, explosive documents reveal

NOAA staff were also warned against contradicting the president and told not to “provide any opinion about the issue".

"Huge damage" as record Hurricane Dorian hits Bahamas: In pictures Show all 15 left Created with Sketch.

"Huge damage" as record Hurricane Dorian hits Bahamas: In pictures 1/15 A road is flooded during the passing of Hurricane Dorian in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

AP 2/15 Hurricane Dorian's eye taken by Nasa astronaut Nick Hague, from aboard the International Space Station.

Nasa/EPA 3/15 Buildings damaged by Hurricane Dorian are swept by deep floodwater in the Abaco Islands in The Bahamas.

“Yes, that was doctored,” Corey Pieper, an official in the NWS communications division, said to public affairs official Susan Buchanan. »

A Nashville Art School Will Purge All Non-Christian Faculty Now That It Has Been Taken Over by a Religious University

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In a statement, Kline defended the merger by saying it “secures the legacy and mission of Watkins for generations to come.”.

Belmont doesn’t need our admissions and financial aid personnel, and there aren’t many teaching positions open in their art departments.”.

Others include the Memphis College of Art and the Art Institute of Tennessee, Nashville. »

The Worst Day for Democracy Since the Civil War

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Jan. 31, 2020, was the worst day for democracy in America since April 12, 1861, when South Carolina forces opened fire on Fort Sumter.

Both days represented a moment when an old guard representing a dying way of life placed their own survival ahead of that of the United States and our Constitution.

(By 2043 the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than half of all Americans will be from groups once categorized as “minorities.” »

TIL that roundabouts reduce fatalities from accidents by 72-82%. They also lower wait times and save gas.

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Modern Roundabouts: An Innovative Solution to Intersection Safety Concerns [YouTube] Informational Brochures Modern Roundabouts: A Safer Choice [HTML] [PDF (English)] [PDF (Spanish)].

Roundabouts – The Maryland Experience: A Maryland Success Story [HTML] [PDF] [PPT] Roundabouts Outreach & Education Toolbox [HTML] Washington County MN Educates Drivers Through "Roundabout U" [HTML] [PDF].

Improving Drivers' Ability to Safely and Effectively Use Roundabouts: Educating the Public to Negotiate Roundabouts Final Report (Michigan, 2011) [PDF]. »

If you can count on a Christian for anything, it is that they ALWAYS show up to vote. I'm not here to recruit you to my party. The Dems will be BETTER if more secular voters show up. The GOP will be made better by it, too. Find your state, register to vote and take your atheist asses to the polls!

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While most states have enacted specific legislation to authorize online voter registration, some have made online voter registration available without enabling legislation.

View the Nov. 12, 2013, webinar Online Voter Registration: The Bipartisan Trend in Elections for details about online voter registration, including history, implementation and security.

In 2019 AB 2005 was enacted, requiring an electronic voter registration transmittal system and creating a fully online voter registration system. »