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Saturday February 1st, 2020 day edition

image for Lindsey Graham Is Quietly Preparing a Mess of a Bill Trying to Destroy End-to-End Encryption

Unlike telecommunications firms like phone companies, internet platforms are exempted under federal law from having to provide the ability for law enforcement to wiretap their networks.

Those sections implement requirements that platforms alert authorities and preserve evidence when they discover CSAM, providing them with legal protection if they do.

All of the major platforms comply with Section 2258, Pfefferkorn wrote, and generally only underground operators involved in trafficking CSAM don’t.

So there are a lot of end-to-end encryption messaging providers that frankly don’t care all that much about Section 230...

Eric Goldman, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, called the Graham bill a “confusing mess” that strains to link perceived issues surrounding end-to-end encryption with criticism of Section 230.

“Congress should not kill the freedom to encrypt by taking advantage of Section 230’s current unpopularity to get away with a bait-and-switch.”.

Blumenthal hasn’t currently signed on to the draft version of the bill, according to Bloomberg. »

Brexit: UK no longer a member of EU

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First of all it’s a long, long period of hard bargaining between the UK and the EU.

Yes, both sides say they still want to be friends and partners and respectful neighbours and people want to do lots of business with each other.

And that’s already completely changed the political dynamic – and therefore the dynamic in the country too. »

Andrew Yang warns against ‘slaughterbots’ and urges global ban on autonomous weaponry

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Ahead of the Democratic presidential primaries that begin Monday with the Iowa caucus, presidential candidate Andrew Yang called for a global ban on the use of autonomous weaponry.

Yang has been the most vocal candidate in the 2020 race about AI and how it will change people’s lives.

A Brookings Institute fellow recently predicted that the world leader in AI by 2030 will be the dominant global power until 2100. »

North Korean government officials escape across the border 'with key documents' in group defection

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Eight North Korean government officials have escaped over the border into China, including a typist who handled important documents for the ruling party and a number of communications experts.

It appears that the officials took advantage of the New Year holiday period to leave Pyongyang in groups of three or four and head north towards the border.

Underlining the importance of the would-be defectors, security officials flew to the border city of Samjiyon before locating seven people in a nearby village. »

US neo-Nazi faces $12.9m fine for sending racist robocalls

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A neo-Nazi propagandist responsible for sending out racist robocalls across the country faces a $12.9m fine imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

It remarked that the commission “may not impose a greater monetary penalty in this case than the amount proposed”.

In Iowa, Rhodes sought to exploit a murder to promote his racist ideology, talking of a “brown horde” of immigrants. »