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Sunday January 26th, 2020 night edition

image for Selfie-posting frequency can be predicted by grandiose narcissism, study finds

The findings indicate that posting selfies is associated with some forms of narcissism but not others.

“As a developmental researcher, I’m interested in the underlying mechanisms and processes of online behaviors.

The researchers had 470 American and 260 Lebanese students complete measures of narcissistic traits and selfie-posting behavior on Facebook and Instagram.

In particular, grandiose narcissism — which describes an overinflated ego and sense of importance — was positively associated with posting selfies online.

“We found that the norms of a cultural community may also impact online behaviors.

This second finding is surprising given that online spaces are often described as not bound by offline cultural norms,” Shane-Simpson said.

We desperately need more cross-cultural studies that investigate differences in online behavior and the models that predict online behavior. »

Cashless businesses are now banned in NYC

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Supporters of the bill say cashless businesses requiring credit cards and electronic payments like Apple Pay discriminate against poor people who may not have bank accounts or credit cards — as well as minors.

The legislation, which was approved 43-3, also prohibits businesses from charging cash-paying customers a higher price than those using credit.

Violators would face fines of up to $1,000 for a first offense and up to $1,500 for additional violations. »

Hospital staff in Wuhan are wearing adult diapers because they don’t have time to pee while caring for an overwhelming number of coronavirus patients

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Hospital staff in Wuhan are wearing diapers while working, because they don’t have time to use the bathroom in between treating coronavirus patients.

Hospital staff in Wuhan are wearing adult diapers because they don’t have time to use the bathroom in between treating coronavirus patients, The Washington Post reported.

„We know that patients are worried, but we should bear in mind that doctors are just as human as well. »

North Korea rewrites basketball rules

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But North Korea - now ruled by Kim's son Kim Jong-un - has turned its game-changing attentions to basketball, reinventing the scoring system.

Why not continue to shoot field goals, which quadruple in value to eight points during the last three minutes?.

- Field goals in the final three minutes of the game are worth eight points (up from two). »

EU: We May Need a Law to Force iPhones to Adopt USB-C

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On Monday, members of European Parliament urged the European Commission to take regulatory action to force every smartphone vendor to adopt a single charging method.

In response, the commission plans to consider a "legislative approach" to tackling the issue, Commissioner Maros Sefcovic said following the debate.

However, it's done so by encouraging tech vendors to voluntarily adopt a single charging standard, rather than demanding the change through regulation or law. »