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Thursday January 23rd, 2020 evening edition

image for Opening of Trump impeachment trial draws 11 million TV viewers

FILE PHOTO: The U.S. Capitol stands as evening falls on the first day of the impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington, U.S., January 21, 2020.

(Reuters) - About 11 million TV viewers watched the start of the U.S. Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on Tuesday when lawmakers sparred for hours over witnesses and records for the historic proceedings, according to Nielsen ratings data.

The total fell short of the roughly 13.8 million viewers across 10 broadcast and cable television networks who tuned in last November for the first day of the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry into Trump.

The audience figure on Tuesday covered the 4-1/2 hours of daytime coverage by six cable and broadcast networks that aired live telecasts on Tuesday.

The trial, which resumed on Wednesday with opening arguments, is the third presidential impeachment trial in U.S. history [L1N29R0SB].

He is almost certain to be acquitted by the Republican-controlled 100-member Senate, where a two-thirds majority is needed to remove him from office.

The TV ratings do not include people who watched live coverage via online streaming or followed the event on social media. »

An Impeachment Trial Without Witnesses Would Be Unconstitutional

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There is a widespread assumption among Americans that it is perfectly legitimate for the trial to be conducted as a no-holds-barred partisan battle, with senators voting along party lines, rather than impartially deciding the merits of the case.

Hamilton regarded the upper chamber as “the most fit depositary” for the impeachment trial because it provided “the necessary impartiality between an individual accused, and the representatives of the People, his accusers.”.

The impeachment oath, which requires senators to “do impartial justice,” is not a quaint ritual to be performed with a wink and a nod, but a procedure required by the Constitution because the Framers intended the impeachment proceeding to be run much like a judicial trial. »

Detroiter settles discrimination case, then bank won't cash his check

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Detroit man settles race discrimination lawsuit, then bank won't cash his check.

Then he went to the bank this week to cash his settlement checks, but the Livonia bank refused to cash or deposit his checks.

"I didn't deserve treatment like that when I knew that the check was not fraudulent," Thomas told the Free Press. »

Betelgeuse is Continuing to Dim! It’s Down to 1.506 Magnitude

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In a new post on The Astronomer’s Telegram, the pair of astronomers report a further dimming of Betelgeuse.

Though most of its fluctuations are predictable and follow these cycles, some of them are not, like the current dimming.

Then in about six years after it goes supernova, Betelgeuse won’t even be visible in the night sky. »

Food market at centre of deadly coronavirus outbreak admits selling live koalas, snakes, rats and wolves

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The Chinese food market at the centre of the deadly Sars-like virus outbreak has claimed they sold live koalas, snakes, rats and wolf pups to locals to eat.

The Huanan Seafood market in Wuhan in China is under investigation with officials believing the coronavirus originated from a wild animal that was sold at the venue.

According to the South China Morning Post, the market's advertising board had live foxes, crocodiles, wolf puppies, salamanders, snakes, rats, peacocks, porcupines and koalas. »