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Sunday January 12nd, 2020 evening edition

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2020 Tokyo Olympics: Athletes Assured Cardboard Beds Won't Collapse During Sex

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So it seems, if one were to go by assertions by the organisers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Athletes who would participate in the Games have been assured that their cardboard beds won't collapse during sex, Mail Online reported.

The manufacturer, Airweave, confirmed that the cardboard beds can take up to 200 kg load, more than enough for two people. »

Seagate Will Ship 18TB and 20TB Hard Drives in 2020

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As AnandTech reports, Seagate has confirmed it plans to ship an 18TB hard drive in the first half of 2020 followed by a 20TB drive in the second half of the year.

Seagate is set to move from CMR to SMR for the 20TB drive, which stands for shingled magnetic recording.

Purchasing an 18TB or 20TB hard drive next year certainly won't be cheap if current pricing is anything to go by. »

2020 session > Legislation

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Medical or health services required in case of birth control, pregnancy or family planning except for the purposes of sexual sterilization;.

Medical or health services needed in the case of outpatient care, treatment or rehabilitation for mental illness or emotional disturbance.

Nothing in subsection G shall be construed to permit a minor to consent to an abortion without complying with § 16.1-241. »