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Thursday January 9th, 2020 morning edition

image for Almost Everyone at CollegeHumor Lost Their Jobs Today

Multiple sources have confirmed to Vulture that CollegeHumor was hit with a big round of layoffs today, which a rep for its parent company, IAC, has confirmed.

IAC, our parent company, has made the difficult decision to no longer finance us.

Today, 100+ brilliant people lost their jobs, some of whom are my dear, dear friends.

The twist, however, is that IAC has agreed to let me run with the company myself.

We have six months’ worth of content still to release: Dimension 20, Um, Game Changer, Breaking News, and more.

In these six months, I hope to be able to save Dropout, CollegeHumor, Drawfee, Dorkly, and many of our shows.

I will, however, do my very best to stay true to the talent, shows, fans, and principles that got us where we are today. »

Tesla becomes most valuable US car maker of all time with market value of $81.39billion

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Tesla has become the most valuable US car maker of all time after the company closed Monday with a market value of $81.39billion.

Tesla shares were trading more than 5 percent before the market opened Wednesday and finished the day before at $469.07.

Tesla (file image) has become the most valuable US car maker of all time after the company closed Monday with a market value of $81.39billion. »

Justin Trudeau vows to get answers over Iran plane crash which killed 63 Canadians

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Justin Trudeau has vowed that his government will get answers after a plane crash in Iran killed 63 Canadian citizens.

Getting answers from Iran might prove difficult as Canada closed its embassy in Iran in 2012 and suspended diplomatic relations.

"I join Canadians across the country who are shocked and saddened to see reports that a plane crash outside of Tehran, Iran, has claimed the lives of 176 people, including 63 Canadians," Mr Trudeau said. »

Morrison Said He's Thankful Nobody Died In Kangaroo Island Bushfire That Killed Two

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison was corrected by locals on Kangaroo Island on Wednesday after telling them he was thankful nobody died.

Standing in a group and speaking quietly, Morrison told residents of the fire-ravaged island: "Well thankfully, we've had no loss of life".

Firefighter organisations have called for a federal royal commission into Australia's bushfires, days after Mr Morrison said he'd consider one. »