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Thursday January 9th, 2020 day edition

image for Donald Trump Not Causing Nuclear War Is What Now Qualifies as Good News in America, Hooray?

Donald Trump, surrounded by military and administration officials, speaks in the White House on Wednesday.

Trump didn’t discuss whether the U.S. is planning to withdraw forces from Iraq, as a letter that the Department of Defense issued but then disavowed Tuesday suggested.

He didn’t explain, more broadly, what his administration wants from Iran—what the country could do to relieve the economic and military pressure that Trump is apparently so keen to put on it.

Typically, these kinds of details might be filled in during background briefings by other high-ranking administration officials or by a White House press secretary.

This is not a war effort that is getting a lot of legwork and shoe leather put into it.

Most upsettingly, all of this happened because Donald Trump is the president.

He was mad enough to start a war but then maybe Tucker Carlson, on his TV, talked him out of it. »

Almost Everyone at CollegeHumor Lost Their Jobs Today

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Multiple sources have confirmed to Vulture that CollegeHumor was hit with a big round of layoffs today, which a rep for its parent company, IAC, has confirmed.

Today, 100+ brilliant people lost their jobs, some of whom are my dear, dear friends.

In these six months, I hope to be able to save Dropout, CollegeHumor, Drawfee, Dorkly, and many of our shows. »

Morrison Said He's Thankful Nobody Died In Kangaroo Island Bushfire That Killed Two

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison was corrected by locals on Kangaroo Island on Wednesday after telling them he was thankful nobody died.

Standing in a group and speaking quietly, Morrison told residents of the fire-ravaged island: "Well thankfully, we've had no loss of life".

Firefighter organisations have called for a federal royal commission into Australia's bushfires, days after Mr Morrison said he'd consider one. »

Tesla becomes most valuable US car maker of all time with market value of $81.39billion

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Tesla has become the most valuable US car maker of all time after the company closed Monday with a market value of $81.39billion.

Tesla shares were trading more than 5 percent before the market opened Wednesday and finished the day before at $469.07.

Tesla (file image) has become the most valuable US car maker of all time after the company closed Monday with a market value of $81.39billion. »