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Monday January 6th, 2020 morning edition

image for Study suggests women dress modestly to defend themselves against aggression from other women

New research in Social Psychological and Personality Science provides evidence that women strategically dampen signals of sexual permissiveness and desirability to avoid provoking intersexual aggression.

In other words, the study suggests that women “dress defensively” by wearing less revealing outfits when encountering other women.

“So much social psychology has focused on men’s cognition and behavior, or has long assumed that male psychology is the default.

The participants tended choose more modest outfits when attending an all-female gathering compared to gatherings with both men and women.

In particular, women reported intentions to dress less provocatively when meeting a prospective male friend compared to an existing male friend.

Of course, when it comes to how women decide to dress, avoiding same-sex aggression is just one factor among many.

The study, “Women’s Strategic Defenses Against Same-Sex Aggression: Evidence From Sartorial Behavior“, was authored by Jaimie Arona Krems, Ashley M. Rankin, and Stefanie B. Northover. »

Netflix Teases Over Two Dozen Original Movies Coming Throughout 2020

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We’ll see how they fare at the Golden Globes this weekend and the Oscars next month, but no matter how the awards fall, Netflix is already getting ready for a big year.

The streaming service has just teased over two dozen 2020 Netflix original movies.

Here are the titles Netflix was willing to tease in a series of tweets on Twitter:. »

Finnish PM calls for a 4-day-week and 6-hour-day

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Finland’s new prime minister caused enthusiasm in the country: Sanna Marin (34) is the youngest female head of government worldwide.

Sanna Marin is the new Prime Minister of Finland.

For Sanna Marin, the fact that she is young and female doesn’t play a big role:. »

'Outdated' IT leaves NHS staff with 15 different computer logins

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IT systems in the NHS are so outdated that staff have to log in to up to 15 different systems to do their jobs.

The government in England said it was looking to streamline the systems as part of an IT upgrade.

Around £40 million is being set aside to help hospitals and clinics introduce single-system logins in the next year. »

Trump claims his ‚Media Posts‘ on Twitter now count as official notification to Congress about any plans to attack Iran

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President Donald Trump claimed on Sunday that his tweets now count as official notification to Congress about the US military’s plans to attack Iran.

Since then, Trump has thrown gasoline on the fire by threatening to attack Iranian cultural sites if Iran retaliates – a move that could constitute a war crime.

President Donald Trump claimed on Sunday that his tweets now count as official notification to Congress about any US military plans to attack Iran. »