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Wednesday December 25th, 2019 day edition

image for How the Mutual Combat Law in Texas Can Help Your Defense

But did you know that Texas law actually allows people to agree to mutual combat?

If you are being prosecuted for an assaultive offense , you might be able to claim that you were engaged in mutual combat.

This defense could help you win your case or convince the prosecutor to drop the charges against you.

If you’ve been charged with assault, you should contact an experienced criminal assault lawyer for help with your case.

The mutual combat law Texas has adopted can be found in section 22.06 of the Texas Penal Code.

The victim knew there was a risk but participated anyway because of his occupation or as part of a medical experiment.

If you have been accused of assault or battery, then the Texas mutual combat law might help your defense. »

Colorado Springs man reportedly robs bank, throws money into the air and yells, “Merry Christmas”

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A 65-year-old man was arrested Monday after robbing a bank in downtown Colorado Springs, before reportedly walking outside, throwing the money into air and yelling, “Merry Christmas!”.

A witness told KKTV that Oliver then walked outside, threw the bills into the air and shouted his festive message.

Sgt. Jim Jeffocat, a Colorado Springs police spokesman, would not confirm that money was thrown into air or that Oliver yelled “Merry Christmas.”. »

Canadian geologist will spend Christmas behind bars in Dubai

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He said his father, who has been detained off and on in the Middle East since December 2015, will remain in a Dubai prison indefinitely.

But instead of being thanked for his troubles, he was arrested, charged and convicted with committing 73 counts in the very fraud he uncovered.

In an interview with The Canadian Press from Quebec City, Alexis said the three judges on Tuesday unanimously found his father not guilty on 11 charges. »

Academy Allows ‘Cats’ to Submit Its New, Improved Version to Oscars

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Typically, the Academy’s rules and regulations compel a film to compete with the same version used in its qualifying run in Los Angeles.

In fact, a rule specifically prohibits making changes from that initial version:.

Also Read: 'Cats' Poor Reception Prompts Universal to Send an 'Improved,' Updated Version to Theaters. »

Tulsi Gabbard Becomes Most Disliked Democratic Primary Candidate After Voting 'Present' on Trump's Impeachment, Poll Shows

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She is now the field's "most disliked candidate"—overtaking former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, according to Morning Consult.

While an agnostic vote might help Gabbard among impeachment skeptics, the Democratic Party is firmly behind impeaching the president.

According to Morning Consult's rankings, Gabbard remains at 2 percent among primary voters, unchanged since the last pre-debate poll. »