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Tuesday December 24th, 2019 evening edition

image for Andrew Yang Overtakes Pete Buttigieg to Become Fourth Most Favored Primary Candidate: Poll

Andrew Yang has slightly overtaken Pete Buttigieg in the 2020 Democratic primary net favorability rankings following the sixth debate between party candidates, a new poll has found.

The entrepreneur's net favorability score—the share of potential Democratic primary voters who view him positively minus those with unfavorable views—jumped seven points after the Los Angeles debate, according to Morning Consult.

As a result of the post-debate boost, Yang now has a net favorability score of 34 percent, putting him in fourth place and a point ahead of Pete Buttigieg on 33 percent.

Prior to the debate, Morning Consult polling between December 9 and 15 found Buttigieg three points ahead of Yang on favorability, with a 30 percent net positive rating.

The poll found Biden's net ranking drop from 57 percent to 54 percent while Warren's dipped by just one point to a score of 44 percent.

Yang is also still two places behind Buttigieg on overall support, despite overtaking the South Bend Mayor in favorability rankings.

The Real Clear Politics average of 2020 Democratic primary polls puts candidates in much the same positions as the latest Morning Consult survey. »

Tories break promise on minimum wage hike just a week into their administration

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Boris Johnson has been accused of breaking his promise on minimum wage increases just a week after the general election took place.

The Conservatives pledged to hike the minimum wage to £10.50 an hour within five years in its manifesto, but today’s Queen’s Speech includes a cheeky get-out clause.

And with a turbulent break up from the EU on the way, that may prove difficult. »

‘I never understood wind’: Trump goes on bizarre tirade against wind turbines

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Now there is another subject in which Donald Trump’s expert knowledge surpasses that of everybody else: wind turbines, though he calls them windmills.

The Hill (@thehill) President Trump: "I never understood wind, you know I know windmills very much.

It was unclear what exactly Trump meant, or how Trump equated wind turbines converting clean air into energy to toxic fumes fouling the atmosphere. »

French company liable after employee dies during sex on business trip

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A French company has been found liable for the death of an employee who had a cardiac arrest while having sex with a stranger on a business trip.

A Paris court ruled that his death was an industrial accident and that the family was entitled to compensation.

But under French law an employer is responsible for any accident occurring during a business trip, judges said. »

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois on New Year's Day

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CHICAGO (Reuters) - Many pot-smoking adults in Illinois will ring in the new year on a high note when recreational marijuana use becomes legal in the state on Jan. 1.

FILE PHOTO: An employee holds a jar of marijuana on sale at the Greenstone Provisions after it became legal in the state to sell recreational marijuana to customers over 21 years old in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S., December 3, 2019.

Illinois joins 10 other states and the District of Columbia where small amounts of the drug for adult use is legal. »