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Monday December 23rd, 2019 night edition

image for Hong Kong protesters rally against China's Uighur crackdown

Hong Kong riot police on Sunday forcefully broke up a rally of pro-democracy protesters showing solidarity with China's oppressed Uighur minority.

Police later swooped in using pepper spray to disperse protesters, who countered by throwing glass bottles and rocks.

Beijing has denied mistreating Uighurs and acted in defiance of a chorus of international criticism over the harsh crackdown.

China runs Hong Kong under a "one country, two systems" model that grants the financial capital expanded freedoms not enjoyed on the mainland.

Many Hong Kongers view China as encroaching on these freedoms and fear mainland policies will come to the city.

In 2047, 50 years after Britain handed the city back to China, the deal granting Hong Kong special rights ends.

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Shrinkflation: Hundreds of products are getting smaller, from cereals to chocolate bars

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Hundreds of products including bread, breakfast cereal and chocolate bars have decreased in size, leaving shoppers with stealth price rises.

A number size changes have attracted attention, particularly the increase in the triangle gaps of Toblerone bars in 2016 by Mondelez International.

The confectionary company has since backtracked and announced Toblerones would revert to their original shape. »

Left-handedness is associated with greater fighting success in humans

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According to this theory, right-handed males lack experience fighting rare left-handed males, while left-handed males accumulate plenty of experience fighting right-handed males, putting them at a selective advantage.

Handedness could therefore be considered a sexually selected trait in males, and may be expressed in females a by-product9.

For boxers, we also tested the difference between left and right-handers in BoxRec scores, a holistic measure of fighting ability. »

Durbin: Senators have 'gone too far' in saying how they will vote before impeachment trial has begun

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Washington (CNN) The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate said Sunday that members have "gone too far" in hinting how they plan to vote before the impeachment trial has begun in the chamber.

"How can they hold their hands up and say I swear impartial justice, I'd would like to sit at the manager's table with the President's team?

When Bash pointed out that Democrats have done the same, Durbin replied, "Well they shouldn't.". »