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Thursday December 19th, 2019 morning edition

image for Impeachment Results: How Democrats and Republicans Voted

Article I: Abuse of Power Vote expected later Total Dem.

The House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday evening, charging Mr. Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

With the outcome largely predetermined, Mr. Trump has become the third president in the nation’s history to be impeached.

Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached by the House but later acquitted by the Senate.

President Richard M. Nixon resigned before the full House could vote to impeach him.

Mr. Van Drew recently said that he plans to switch parties and become a Republican.

Votes are based on what’s shown in the House chamber, and are not final. »

Man Found Dead In Wife’s Freezer After A Decade Left Note Saying She Didn’t Kill Him

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Investigators believe his wife, Jeanne Souron-Mathers, 75, had put her husband in the freezer after he died between February 2009 and March 2009.

They also found a notarized letter signed by Paul Mathers stating his wife was not responsible for his death.

Notarized note found with body says wife didn't kill man found in Utah freezer — WDRB News (@WDRBNews) December 17, 2019. »

Live updates: President Trump has been impeached

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In the hours before the votes to impeach President Trump tonight, the atmosphere at the Trump International Hotel in Washington was nearly, but not quite, joyous.

“Big deal,” Zabel said, gesturing at the TV showing lawmakers arguing about impeaching Trump.

Everything had happened as predicted — Trump was impeached, but he was still more than likely to be acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate. »

Google’s Larry Page gave $400 million in Christmas donations. Not a penny went straight to charity.

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The Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation needs to make big donations to DAFs because it doesn’t give much to traditional charity.

99.5 percent of the money donated that year by the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation would go to DAFs, not charities.

Page’s use of donor-advised funds seems to be an egregious example of a trend that is en vogue among Silicon Valley billionaires. »

46% of U.S. homeowners want rooftop solar

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This belief is brought home by the most recent solar poll released by Pew Research Center showing that 46% of U.S. homeowners have “given serious thought to adding solar panels at their home in the past year.”

When you factor in survey respondents who had already installed solar panels on their home, that number becomes the majority, clocking in at 52%.

As for the areas with the highest amount of respondents to already have installed solar, those areas are, unsurprisingly, the Pacific and Mountain states. »