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Tuesday December 17th, 2019 morning edition

image for Mueller Grand Jury Materials Could Lead to Second Impeachment

House Democrats told a federal court on Monday that they will continue impeachment investigations into President Donald Trump after the scheduled vote on articles of impeachment later this week.

And the Committee “has continued and will continue [its impeachment] investigations consistent with its own prior statements respecting their importance and purposes.”

This Court should reject DOJ’s efforts to insulate the President from Congress’s impeachment power.”.

As Law&Crime previously reported, however, this is not the first time Democrats have asserted in court that those materials are important to the impeachment process.

Barr has consistently argued that House investigators should not be privy to the grand jury materials in question because the ongoing impeachment investigations are not the type of “judicial proceeding” that would necessitate the unsealing of grand jury documents.

First, as this Court has already held, an impeachment trial is a “judicial proceeding” for purposes of Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e).

Judiciary Committee Brief on Mueller Grand Jury Materials by Law&Crime on Scribd. »

Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their ‘Agent’

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As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov returned home from his visit with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office last week, Russian state media was gloating over the spectacle.

TV channel Rossiya 1 aired a segment entitled “Puppet Master and ‘Agent’—How to Understand Lavrov’s Meeting With Trump.”.

Russian state television still views the impending impeachment as a bump in the road that won’t lead to Trump’s removal from office. »

N.J. bill to remove religion as reason to avoid vaccinating kids enrages parents at hearing

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Hundreds of sign-waving, child-toting parents queued up in the first-floor hallway waiting for space inside the committee room.

They said they were outraged by what they see as government intrusion in violation of their First Amendment right of religious freedom.

"Your right to practice religion freely does not include...exposing the community or a child to a communicable disease,” Weller said. »

Navy pilots request to be armed because they don’t trust overweight police at military bases

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Furthermore, the communique pointed out that one of the students killed was standing watch at the time of the shooting- completely unarmed.

“ENS Joshua Kaleb Watson was a small-arms instructor and captain of the rifle team at the United States Naval Academy.

Yet when charged with standing the watch, he was equipped with nothing more than a logbook and a pen,” the letter noted. »

Rudy Giuliani stunningly admits he 'needed Yovanovitch out of the way'

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That's right — not one Republican evidently has a problem with the president blackmailing a foreign government to get dirt on a political opponent.

In a related story, the GOP has changed its mascot from an elephant to an ostrich.".

"The full House is expected to vote on impeachment on Wednesday," then senators will act as the jury in President Trump's impeachment trial, Colbert said. »