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Saturday December 14th, 2019 morning edition

image for McConnell Faces Calls to Recuse Himself From Impeachment Trial After Saying 'No Chance' Trump Will Be Removed

"Senator McConnell has promised to sabotage that trial and he must recuse himself.".

"Senator McConnell must therefore recuse himself in the expected Senate impeachment trial.".

No court in the country would allow a member of the jury to also serve as the accused's defense attorney.".

"The moment Senator McConnell takes the oath of impartiality required by the Constitution, he will be in violation of that oath," added Demings.

"He has effectively promised to let President Trump manage his own impeachment trial.

On Friday morning, the House Judiciary Committee voted to send two articles of impeachment against Trump to the House floor.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) told reporters Friday that "Mitch McConnell should be ashamed of himself.". »

Boris Johnson 'looking at' abolishing TV licence fee for BBC

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Boris Johnson has threatened to take the BBC’s licence fee away, as he called into question its status as a publicly funded broadcaster.

Asked why he would not get rid of TV licence fees, Johnson said: “At this stage we are not planning to get rid of all licence fees, though I am certainly looking at it.

When later pressed on whether he wanted to withdraw public support for the BBC altogether, Johnson replied: “The BBC is not going to be privatised.”. »

'He Is Planning to Rig the Impeachment Trial': McConnell Vows 'Total Coordination' With Trump on Senate Process

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"There will be no difference between the president's position and our position as to how to handle this.".

"The Majority Leader proudly announcing he is planning to rig the impeachment trial for Trump," Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) tweeted Thursday night.

McConnell and other Senate Republicans have reportedly expressed support in private for a rapid impeachment trial that calls no witnesses. »

Baby boomers are more sensitive than millennials, according to the largest-ever study on narcissism

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But when the researchers looked at generation-specific trends, they noticed that overall, older generations were more sensitive than younger generations.

A new study suggests that, contrary to popular belief, millennials aren't more sensitive than the baby boomer generation.

The study including nearly 750 people, published December 10 in the journal Psychology and Aging, is the largest study of narcissism to date. »

California celebrates 1 million solar roofs

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In 2006, then-Governor Schwarzenegger signed the Million Solar Roofs Initiative into law, which set a goal of building one million solar energy systems on homes, schools, farms, and businesses throughout the state.

“13 years ago, we set a huge goal: to build a million solar roofs in our state by 2019.

Today, we celebrate the vision and the hardworking Californians that made a million solar roofs a reality.”. »