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Sunday December 1st, 2019 evening edition

image for The Corporate Media’s War Against Bernie Sanders Is Very Real

There’s never been any dearth of anecdotal evidence of the media’s systemic bias against Sanders.

When MSNBC legal analyst Mimi Rocah declared that Sanders “[makes my] skin crawl .

By number of episodes, 64% of the 240 episodes discussed Biden, 43% discussed Warren and 36% discussed Sanders.

A quarter of the episodes only discussed Biden, compared to 5% and 1% that mentioned only Warren or Sanders, respectively.

When the network’s talking heads did mention Sanders, their coverage was most likely to be critical in tone.

Negative mentions of Sanders far outstripped those of Biden or Warren, with the latter receiving the highest number of positive mentions:.

With record-breaking fundraising numbers, large rallies, and polls showing a competitive position in crucial early states, Sanders clearly continues to generate enthusiasm from voters. »

Spanish Big Brother made contestant 'watch her own rape'

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Dozens of companies have announced they will no longer be advertising on the Spanish version of the TV reality show Big Brother after it emerged that a contestant had been shown footage of her alleged rape.

Carlota Prado was sent to the diary room to watch a video of how a fellow contestant apparently had sex with her when she was unconscious after drinking.

But the tape continued to play, with the Voice saying: “We think you need to see this, Carlota.” »

China due to introduce face scans for mobile users

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People in China are now required to have their faces scanned when registering new mobile phone services, as the authorities seek to verify the identities of the country's hundreds of millions of internet users.

But now, they will also have their faces scanned in order to verify that they are a genuine match for the ID provided.

In 2017, for example, new rules required internet platforms to verify a user's true identity before letting them post online content. »

A Utah substitute told fifth graders that ‘homosexuality is wrong.’ She was escorted out after 3 students spoke up.

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Students later said that the substitute snapped, “Why on earth would you be happy about that?”.

As the substitute was escorted out of the building, she was still arguing, trying to make her point, the boy’s fathers say they were told by school officials.

The incident occurred last week at Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills, which sits in the northern part of Utah County. »

Boris Johnson said UK's poorest communities are made-up of 'chavs,' 'burglars,' 'drug addicts,' and 'losers'

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Boris Johnson wrote that Britain's poorest communities "[supply] us with the chavs, the losers, the burglars, the drug addicts...".

Johnson also suggested in 2013 that economic inequality was inevitable due to lower intelligence among low-earners.

Boris Johnson wrote that the poorest 20% of British society is made-up of "chavs," "losers," "burglars," "drug addicts," and "criminals," in a newspaper column unearthed by Business Insider. »