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Thursday November 28th, 2019 day edition

image for Will America’s billionaires start a second Civil War to protect their wealth and power?

The current issue of the Atlantic magazine, founded itself in the years just before the Civil War, is ominously titled, “How to Stop a Civil War.”.

If we are, indeed, on the brink of a second Civil War, it’s already being waged as a “cold war,” with the occasional armed skirmish being provoked by the so-called alt-right movement.

And, as in the past, this will be a war by the very, very rich against the rest of America.

Arnold Toynbee is said to have noted that “When the last man who remembers the horrors of the last great war dies, the next great war becomes inevitable.”

The Civil War could thus be recast as a war between oligarchy and democracy, where democracy won by a whisker.

And now Very Serious People are talking about the possibility of a second Civil War.

Then comes the threat of a real Civil War breaking out, and an informed populace is the best defense against it. »

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UIC student Ruth George ignored cat calls, murdered by Chicago man

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Chicago woman ignored man's catcalls, so he raped and strangled her, prosecutors say.

CHICAGO — A man who prosecutors say strangled a 19-year-old college student because she ignored his catcalls was ordered held without bail Tuesday.

George’s family reported her missing to campus police Saturday, and her phone was tracked to the parking garage, according to the University. »

The Yankees got screwed: Allegations highlight how Astros sign-stealing robbed chunk of championship window

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Imagine if you took the virtually unprecedented step of initiating a partial rebuild in the Bronx, trading major league players for prospects.

SNY has learned that the Yankees also complained to the league about blinking lights in center field early on in Game 6 at Minute Maid Park -- just days after Hinch responded angrily to SNY's report about the whistling.

The Yankees have lost multiple opportunities to capitalize on a fleeting championship window -- and those chances are gone forever. »