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Wednesday November 27th, 2019 morning edition

image for Papa John's founder eats more than 40 pizzas in 30 days. The verdict: It tastes different

Papa John's founder and ousted chairman thinks the pizza chain has changed its recipe.

"I've had over 40 pizzas in the last 30 days, and it's not the same pizza, it's not the same product," John Schnatter said in an interview with Fox affiliate WDRB in Louisville, Kentucky.

After Schnatter built the company on "better ingredients, better pizza," Papa John's ousted him as chairman in July 2018, leading him to file several lawsuits against the company.

He dismissed his claims as part of a settlement with Papa John's and has been selling off his stake in the chain.

Schnatter's resignation had followed his use of a racially charged word on a conference call in May 2018.

In the interview, Schnatter said former CEO Steve Ritchie, who resigned from Papa John's in August, and the board of directors used the incident to "steal the company.".

Papa John's swung to a profit in its third quarter, reporting a net income of $385,000 and revenue of $403.7 million. »

Netflix To Reopen Famed Paris Theatre In Manhattan

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The streaming media giant announced on Monday it had started a new lease on the 71-year-old venue to use it for Netflix-original movie debuts, special events and other screenings.

Originally specializing in French cinema, it was one of the country’s oldest art house theaters until it was shuttered in August.

“We are incredibly proud to preserve this historic New York institution so it can continue to be a cinematic home for film lovers. »

Teen's TikTok video about China's Muslim camps goes viral

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A US teenager's TikTok video clip accusing China of putting Muslims into "concentration camps" has gone viral on the Chinese-owned social network.

As an additional measure, it had then blocked her smartphone, on 25 November, but that too had been unrelated to her posts about China.

She has tweeted that TikTok has given her a one-month suspension and said that "China is terrified of the news [about the camps] spreading". »

A $350 toilet powered by worms may be the ingenious future of sanitation that Bill Gates has been dreaming about

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Worms may not have spines, but they're doing some back-breaking sewer work in more than 4,000 toilets across India.

Since 2015, a creative new type of toilet called the Tiger Toilet has been popping up outside homes and schools around the country.

Still, this kind of game-changing new invention — a toilet that requires no traditional sewer system — is an exciting prospect for Gates. »