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Friday November 22nd, 2019 evening edition

image for These are predicted to be the safest countries in the world to visit in 2020

International SOS, a travel security services company, has released its annual Travel Risk Map for the forthcoming year.

-- its color-coordinated map has five categories, ranging from "insignificant" to "extreme" risk.

Based on medical and travel security risks -- including infectious diseases and political violenceits color-coordinated map has five categories, ranging from "insignificant" to "extreme" risk.

In its predictions for 2020, the safest countries to travel to are concentrated more heavily in the northern hemisphere.

Some countries don't fit into just one category and are therefore given a mixed rating.

Mexico and Colombia are both examples of countries with mixed ratings -- some regions in both countries are of medium risk, while others constitute a high risk.

The UK, US, Canada, Australia, China and much of Europe was listed as low risk. »

AG Barr: Epstein’s death was a ‘perfect storm of screw-ups’

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The Justice Department is still investigating the circumstances that led to Epstein’s death, including why he wasn’t given a cellmate.

Even with his death, federal prosecutors in New York have continued to investigate the allegations against Epstein.

“I’ll just say there is good progress being made, and I’m hopeful in a relatively short time there will be tangible results. »