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Thursday November 21st, 2019 morning edition

image for 7 officials confirmed Trump tried to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens as part of a quid pro quo — here's the list

Since the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump began, the president and his allies have vigorously denied the notion of a quid pro quo agreement.

That supposed agreement involves the releasing of military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into the Biden family.

As public impeachment hearings enter their second week, a growing number of key figures have offered account supporting the notion of a quid pro quo.

On Wednesday, Gordon Sondland, Trump's ambassador to the European Union, plainly said Trump wanted a quid pro quo arrangement.

At least five other figures with knowledge of the supposed agreement have reinforced the notion of a quid pro quo in their impeachment inquiry testimonies.

A central point of contention during president Trump's impeachment hearing has revolved around whether or not a quid pro quo agreement occurred.

President Trump and his allies have vigorously denied any notion of a quid pro quo since the impeachment inquiries began. »

Leafs PR auf Twitter: "Toronto Maple Leafs President and Alternate Governor Brendan Shanahan announced today that Mike Babcock has been relieved of his coaching duties and Sheldon Keefe has been named

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Füge diesen Tweet zu deiner Webseite hinzu, indem du den untenstehenden Code einfügst.

Füge dieses Video zu deiner Webseite hinzu, indem du den untenstehenden Code kopierst.

Indem du Twitter Inhalte in deine Website oder App einbettest, akzeptierst du die Twitter Entwicklervereinbarung und die Entwicklerrichtlinien. »

Classic Content Unlocking in December

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Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley will open in WoW Classic simultaneously on all realms the week of December 10.

At the same time, Elemental Invasions will occur in Kalimdor, with Blazing, Thundering, Watery, and Whirling Invaders appearing in Un’goro Crater, Azshara, Winterspring, and Silithus respectively.

Nonetheless, like many of you, we can’t wait to charge into some battlegrounds, so we’ve detached this content unlock from the plan we previously announced. »

Prince Andrew stepping back from royal duties

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The Duke of York says he is stepping back from royal duties because the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has become a "major disruption" to the Royal Family.

Prince Andrew, 59, said he had asked the Queen for permission to withdraw for the "foreseeable future".

Prince Andrew cancelled a planned visit to flood-hit areas of Yorkshire on Tuesday, the Sun newspaper reported. »

How Sherlock Holmes changed the world

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One can imagine Conan Doyle, slicked-back hair shimmering in the candlelight, twirling his ample mustache with glee.

Conan Doyle may have thought, at the time of finishing Holmes off in print, that that was that. »