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Sunday November 17th, 2019 day edition

image for Straight Pride attracts a crowd of 2

Pride events always attract out-of-town crowds and today’s Straight Pride at Dallas City Hall Plaza was no exception.

Not even Teresa Stephens Richenberger from Liberty City, Texas, the local organizer, who is with Protecting Our Next Generation, appeared.

One of the two Boston participants claimed he was kicked out of his home as a teen and was fired from his job because he was straight.

The two organizers complained about fees the city was charging along with the permit that would have amounted to about $12,000.

One of the straight Pride people yelled insults at the transgender attendees saying, “We know there are only two genders.”

When two of the protesters got too close to the Straight Pride crowd of two, police separated them ending the arguing.

The Boston visitors, presumably from the group Super Happy Fun America that staged the Boston Straight Pride event this past summer, said this wasn’t the parade. »

Astros executive asked scouts for help stealing signs and...

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An Astros front-office executive wrote about the team’s desire to steal signs in an August 2017 email that was obtained by The Athletic.

As the club discussed its advance scouting plans ahead of the playoffs, the executive asked the team’s scouts to pursue sign stealing from the stands, and suggested cameras could be used to do so.

Major League Baseball declined to comment on the legality of scouts using cameras, which would require a public interpretation of a broadly... »

American Trust in Scientists Remains Stable—Despite "Demonstrated Growth" in Conspiracy Theories

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This is a number that has remained relatively stable since 1973 and is considered high in comparison to other professions, including journalists, judges and Congress.

But as others have pointed out, it still remains "embarassingly low" and stands at less than 50 percent.

The study's authors point out that confidence levels related to party affiliation tends to be less stable than other measures. »