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Monday November 11st, 2019 night edition

image for Amazon fired me for failing drug test even though I’m a medical marijuana patient, N.J. man’s lawsuit says

A Parlin man is suing Amazon after he said he was fired from his warehouse job for failing a drug test — even though he claims he had a valid medical marijuana card.

His lawsuit says he was prescribed medical marijuana after being diagnosed with anxiety and a panic disorder.

Gov. Phil Murphy in March 2018 expanded the list of conditions that could qualify to be treated with medical marijuana.

It said he was told he could have an opportunity to disclose his prescriptions if he got a positive result.

A month later, the lawsuit said, an Amazon human resources representative at the Edison warehouse told him he was being terminated for failing the drug test. D.J.C showed the HR consultant his valid medical marijuana card, according to the lawsuit.

Another Amazon HR representative called him six days later to inform him, again, that he was terminated, the suit says.

A state appeals court in April ruled in a separate case that employees can’t be fired if they flunk a drug test if they’re medical marijuana patients. »

Libations And The Ancient History Of Pouring One Out

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Funny thing is, it isn’t much different from the way they did it in ancient times.

And, of course, libation was an integral ceremony in Ancient Greece (they were generally pretty big fans of ritual).

Maybe it’s just that sharing a drink—wine, water, or malt liquor—with the departed that makes them feel that much closer. »

“Companion dog acquisition” has a scientifically proven benefit

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Our research confirms what many dog owners already know: dogs are great companions that can help you to feel less lonely.

Most previous studies have compared the mental well-being of dog owners to non-owners at a single point in time.

In our study, dog owners also said they had met new people in their neighborhood because of their dog. »

Boris Johnson's Conservative party has received cash from 9 Russian donors named in a suppressed intelligence report

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Boris Johnson's Conservative party has received donations from nine Russian donors, with suspected links to the Kremlin, according to an official report which has been suppressed by the prime minister.

Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has received a surge in cash from nine Russian donors, who have been named in a suppressed investigation into Russia's attempts to undermine democracy in the UK.

The report by Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee identifies close links between major donors to the Conservative party and the Russian government, the Sunday Times reports. »

PlayStation CEO Seeks Quick Transition for PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5

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PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan wants PlayStation 4 owners to upgrade as soon as possible to the PlayStation 5, which hints at what gamers may expect from the next-generation console.

Once the console is released, Ryan said he hopes the transition will be seamless.

One thing is for sure though, and that is Sony wants PlayStation 4 owners to start saving up for an upgrade. »