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Sunday November 10th, 2019 night edition

image for A $45,000 Loan for a $27,000 Ride: More Borrowers Are Going Underwater on Car Loans

In two years, the 40-year-old electrician signed up for four auto loans, each time trading in the previous car and rolling the unpaid balance into the next loan.

Those borrowers owed about $5,000 on average after they traded in their cars, before taking on new loans.

Rising car prices have exacerbated an affordability gap that is increasingly getting filled with auto debt.

Easy lending standards are perpetuating the cycle, with lenders routinely making car loans with low or no down payments that can last seven years or longer.

Borrowers are responsible for paying their remaining debt even after they get rid of the vehicle tied to it.

When subsequently buying another car, they can roll this old debt into a new loan.

Underwater car loans are more prevalent among subprime borrowers, according to ratings firms. »

Buckle Your Seat Belts: Impeachment Will Test Trump's Tenuous Sanity

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It will be a high-speed, banging luge run that violently jumps the track — more than once!.

The frequency of his ire on Twitter has increased dramatically in the two-plus years since he’s been in office (over 11,000 tweets).

Those tweets, a burgeoning media, and unruly social media are what makes this impeachment not only different but more dangerous than its predecessors. »

Woman labeled deceased is alive and cannot receive medication

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MAGNOLIA, Texas (KTRK) -- A Magnolia woman suddenly found out that she didn't have insurance or a bank account.Sherry Ellis wasn't hacked.

Some are for her heart and others for her blood pressure, but the hardest pill to swallow is how much they cost without insurance.

"'You all used my social security number on a deceased person on their death certificate,'" Ellis recalled. »

Parents of Teenager Killed by U.S. Diplomat's Wife Say Donald Trump Offered to Have the Treasury Write Them a Check

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While meeting with President Donald Trump, the parents of a British teenager who was killed in a traffic collision with the wife of a U.S. diplomat were offered money from the Treasury by the president, which they refused, according to The Guardian.

Trump invited Dunn's parents, Tim Dunn and Charlotte Charles, to the White House to discuss the case.

Toward the end of the meeting, Trump intimated that he had Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin "standing by ready to write a check.". »