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Sunday November 3rd, 2019 night edition

image for Nintendo Says More 3DS Franchises Are Coming To Switch

Thanks to the Switch Lite's success, Nintendo is looking into bringing more of its 3DS franchises to the console-handheld hybrid in the future.

Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki tweeted that Nintendo Japan's current president, Shuntaro Furukawa, said the "company would make more 3DS franchises available on Switch."

Such a move is already happening with Brain Age, which is getting a new entry this December in Japan.

Nintendo chief Furukawa said company would make more 3DS franchises available on Switch to convey appeal of Lite.

Following Luigi's Mansion 3's launch, the next big games headed to the Nintendo Switch are Pokemon Sword / Shield, which comes out on November 15.

And after playing with the Switch Lite for an extended period of time, I now look at my standard Switch as being more fragile than ever.

The Switch Lite has almost everything I'm looking for in a Switch--I just wished it lived up to its name. »

Blizzard apology does not silence protestors at BlizzCon 2019

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The apology Blizzard issued today, regarding the Hearthstone pro banned for supporting the Hong Kong protests, has not silenced protestors at BlizzCon 2019.

I talked to them immediately following the opening ceremony to see if Blizzard president J. Allen Brack's apology had had any effect.

Blizzard apologised for the Blitzchung situation but it hasn't calmed protests at #BlizzCon19 — Robertie (@Clert) November 1, 2019. »

Dresden: German city declares 'Nazi emergency' as extremist views and violence increase

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The German city of Dresden has declared a "Nazi emergency" as a result of what it says are threats to minorities.

City councillors passed a resolution warning anti-democratic and extremist views, as well as violence, are becoming an increasing problem in the city.

Dresden is the base for the anti-migrant group PEGIDA and the far-right is feared to be growing in numbers in the former East German city. »

It’s 2019 and a Republican Senator Just Filed a Request for Hillary’s Emails

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This week, a Republican senator filed a request with the National Archives; asking them to release emails between Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) sent a letter to David Ferriero of the National Archives, asking him to release the emails.

In the text cited by Johnson, Strzok says to FBI Director James Comey that he has emails between Obama and Clinton. »

U.S. government is increasingly promoting God. That’s a crime.

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Speaking at Notre Dame University law school’s De Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture on October 11, Attorney General Bill Barr opined:.

In other words, religion helps frame a moral culture within society that instills and reinforces moral discipline.”.

The amendment prohibits the government from favoring, or “establishing,” religion or restricting Americans’ freedom to worship as they please. »