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Friday November 1st, 2019 morning edition

image for Republicans Are Talking 'Civil War' Because They Don't Have Any Defense for the President*

For example, Freeman brings us French's account of what he called The Great Fight of 1841.

It was one of the things that he liked about his job; when fists flew, he had a ringside seat.

He reveled in what he called the “great fight” of 1841, which began when Edward Stanly (W-NC) and Henry Wise (W-VA) exchanged insults.

When Wise slugged Stanly, “nearly all the members” rushed over and began pummeling one another in a wild melee.

Or, as it would one day come to be known in another context, the blow-by-blow.

The Republicans are spoiling for a fight, and not necessarily a rhetorical one.

Yeah, we're all going to be stumbling our way through the fog machine for a while, sports fans. »

Construction workers are the most likely out of all workforces to use cocaine and opioids; they are the second most likely to use marijuana, after those in the service industry

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Researchers used the National Survey on Drug Use and Health to analyze a dataset of 293,492 adults, including 16,610 construction workers, from 2005-2014.

The research team found that construction workers reported the highest frequency of opioid misuse and cocaine use, and they reported the second highest frequency of marijuana use.

The researchers conclude that prevention and harm reduction programs are necessary to prevent drug-related risks and mortality amongst construction workers. »

China establishes $29B fund to wean itself off of US semiconductors

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China has established a new state-backed semiconductor fund, with the intent of advancing its domestic semiconductor initiatives and reducing its reliance on US technology.

China is the largest consumer of semiconductors in the world, and Bloomberg reports that China imports roughly $200B worth of American semiconductors annually.

The China Development Bank invested another 22 billion yuan, while the fund has also attracted monetary support from other "local governments and state-owned enterprises. »

Weird Object: Neutron Star PSR J1748-2446

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It’s also a star whose surface is not just solid, but harder than a diamond.

Its magnetic field sizzles a trillion times more intensely than our Sun’s.

When the collapsing star gets five times smaller, its inward-pulling surface gravity becomes 25 times fiercer. »