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Thursday October 31st, 2019 morning edition

image for The Batman: Jeffrey Wright Confirmed to Play Commissioner Gordon

The Batman director Matt Reeves has now confirmed that Jeffrey Wright will play James Gordon in his DC film.

Reports of Wright being up for the role first surfaced in late September.

Reeves tweeted Wednesday confirmation that Wright's been cast as Batman's GCPD ally:Our original report from Sept. 23 follows.

Jonah Hill and Jeffrey Wright are in talks to join Robert Pattinson in The Batman.

Hill is rumored to play a villain that could be either Penguin or Riddler, while Wright would play Commissioner Gordon.

Commissioner Gordon has been featured in almost every Batman movie and has previously been played by the likes of J.K. Simmons in Justice League and Gary Oldman in the Dark Knight trilogy.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported on Wright's involvement.The Batman is expected to begin filming by late 2019 or early 2020, according to Variety. »

NASA: Four Astronauts Will Stay on the Moon For Two Weeks

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Two NASA scientists just shared fascinating new details about the agency’s planned Moon mission.

Connolly and Werkheiser said that the astronauts may conduct as many as four spacewalks while on the Moon’s surface.

More on Artemis: Congress Is Preparing to Kill 2024 Moon Mission. »

Twitter to ban all political advertising

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Twitter is to ban all political advertising worldwide, saying that the reach of such messages "should be earned, not bought".

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption VIDEO: How online advertising affects political campaigns.

Meanwhile the BBC's Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg said political strategists often count on their message being spread for free. »

New Lithium Ion Battery Design Could Allow Electric Vehicles to Be Charged in Ten Minutes

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Current fast-charging stations are much quicker, but still take twenty minutes to provide just 60-80 miles of additional range.

In their paper, they describe an Asymmetric Temperature Modulation method for charging a lithium ion battery.

Source: Yang et al., "Asymmetric Temperature Modulation for Extreme Fast Charging of Lithium-Ion Batteries," Joule (2019), »