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Sunday October 27th, 2019 morning edition

image for A Somali refugee just became the director of the Seattle clinic where she was cared for as a child

Fleeing Somalia in 1992 with her family, Ibrahim sacrificed a year of her childhood in refugee camps in Kenya.

It's the same center that Ibrahim -- more than two decades later -- now runs, at a time when the nation's refugee resettlement efforts have eroded under White House pressure.

Still, she looks upon refugee children who come to the facility with the same hope she once felt as a young patient.

"There are millions of refugees right now who are not being given the opportunities that I have been given.

As a Somali refugee who wore hijab, the Islamic headscarf, Ibrahim saw no one who looked like her in her field.

Today, Ibrahim directs the clinic and cares for patients who are often newly arrived or previously resettled refugees and immigrants.

"There's almost this dichotomy where there's the good and exceptional refugees and the rest aren't so good," she said. »

Facebook pledged $1bn to help California's housing crisis. Can't they pay their taxes instead? | Ross Barkan

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Tech companies like Facebook have inexorably driven up rents in California’s urban core, fueling wide-scale displacement and homelessness.

Yes, it’s better that Facebook contributed $1bn to housing than nothing at all.

Paying more in taxes could help state and federal governments, which are actually accountable to voters, fund affordable housing initiatives. »

Chile protests: More than one million bring Santiago to a halt

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Santiago, Chile - More than one million people took to streets in the Chilean capital of Santiago on Friday afternoon, uniting in a call for huge social and political change in the country.

"This is really emotional, the fact that we are all together, this is a very new thing for Chile," said Camilo Godoy, surrounded by chants of "Oh, Chile Desperto" (Chile woke up).

Demonstrators are seen near a fire during a protest against Chile's state economic model in Santiago, Chile [Henry Romero/Reuters]. »

Panic in Pakistani City After 900 Children Test Positive for H.I.V.

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RATODERO, Pakistan — Nearly 900 children in the small Pakistani city of Ratodero were bedridden early this year with raging fevers that resisted treatment.

In April, the disease was pinned down, and the diagnosis was devastating: The city was the epicenter of an H.I.V. outbreak that overwhelmingly affected children.

Since then, about 1,100 citizens have tested positive for the virus, or one in every 200 residents. »

The strained making of 'Apocalypse Now'

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After a month regrouping at his base in San Francisco to rethink his battle plan, Coppola returned to the jungle.

One morning, Sheen's wife took the co-producer Gray Frederickson to the temple set, which was strewn with garbage and smelt terrible.

There was a prop guy standing close by who muttered, "Wait till he hears about the dead bodies." »