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Sunday October 27th, 2019 evening edition

image for Student in Peru makes history by writing thesis in the Incas’ language

Quechua is still spoken by 8 million people across the Andes, but Roxana Quispe Collantes hopes she can give it added value.

A doctoral student in Peru has made history by becoming the first person to write and defend a thesis in Quechua – the language of the Incas, which is still spoken by millions of people in the Andes.

Beginning her presentation with a traditional thanksgiving ceremony using coca leaves and the corn-made alcoholic drink chicha, she presented her study titled Yawar Para, or blood rain.

“I’ve always wanted to study in Quechua, in my original language,” she told the Observer.

Quispe Collantes grew up speaking Quechua with her parents and grandparents in the Acomayo district of Cusco.

“I hope my example will help to revalue the language again and encourage young people, especially women, to follow my path.

It has since broadcast news bulletins in Aymara and Ashaninka, Peru’s most widely spoken Amazonian language. »

2 die as at least 12 people shot at party near Greenville, authorities say

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The party, which had been promoted as a homecoming party but wasn’t school-sanctioned, was attended by about 750 people, mostly in their teens and early 20s.

Halloween masks litter the ground among signs of chaos at the scene where a mass shooting occurred the night before at The Party Venue.

The shooting took place just minutes before Houston-based hip-hop artist BeatKing was scheduled to perform at the party. »

Bernie Wants You to Own More of the Means of Production

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Sanders’s plan is by far the most radical worker ownership proposal put forward by a presidential candidate in recent memory.

This means that the Sanders plan would shift at least $7.1 trillion of corporate equity into worker funds by gradually diluting the value of previously-issued corporate stock.

Those who stand to “lose” from the proposal are the incumbent owners of corporate equity, which are overwhelmingly affluent people. »

New drug forces flu virus into ‘error catastrophe,’ overwhelming it with mutations

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Now, a new drug that has shown promise in ferrets may help drive down that toll, researchers report today.

The drug appears to be more effective than the most commonly used treatment, oseltamivir, and there are hints that it won’t prompt easy resistance in the virus.

Scientists have long been frustrated by the constant shapeshifting of the flu virus, which necessitates an annual reformulation of flu vaccines to reflect commonly circulating strains. »

Here's what you need to know about SpaceX's Starlink internet service

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Washington (CNN Business) SpaceX is on a mission to beam cheap, high-speed internet to consumers all over the globe.

It's part of early testing for the 60 broadband-beaming satellites and two demo devices that SpaceX has already launched into orbit.

The project is called Starlink, and if it's successful it could forever alter the landscape of the telecom industry. »