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Saturday October 26th, 2019 evening edition

image for Are Men Really Funnier Than Women?

This stereotype is shared by both men and women—but of course, just because it exists does not mean it is true.

We systematically reviewed all available studies that looked at differences in humor ability, and using the statistical tool called meta-analysis, we calculated the difference.

Humor is a complex phenomenon that involves social, emotional, physiological, cognitive, cultural and evolutionary influences, to name a few.

Humor production ability is a distinct cognitive ability that is largely uncorrelated with appreciation and enjoyment of humor.

We excluded studies where people evaluated their own humor ability, as most people believe they have an above-average sense of humor.

It means that to the best of our knowledge, on average, men appear to have higher humor production ability than women.

That means that over our evolutionary history, men likely had to compete harder with other men to impress women with their sense of humor. »

AOC to Mark Zuckerberg: “You Would Say White Supremacist-Tied Publications Meet a Rigorous Standard for Fact-Checking?”

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The most telling moments of their exchange came when Ocasio-Cortez invoked Zuckerberg—and Facebook—palling around with white supremacists on separate occasions.

Ocasio-Cortez: So you would say white supremacist-tied publications meet a rigorous standard for fact-checking?.

Kentucky Republicans Worried Inviting AOC to Meet with Coal Miners Might Backfire Ocasio-Cortez actually said yes to their invite, and now they’re waffling. »

Rich people can now celebrate New Year's Eve twice with a private jet company that flies them around the world for R3.7 million

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An extravagant private jet package will let you celebrate New Year's Eve twice - in Sydney, Australia and then in Los Angeles.

The party starts in Sydney on December 31 at 8PM and then guests make the 13.5-hour flight to Los Angeles.

A luxurious private jet package will let you celebrate New Year's Eve twice on two different continents, first in Sydney, Australia, and then in Los Angeles. »

Chile protests: More than one million bring Santiago to a halt

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Santiago, Chile - More than one million people took to streets in the Chilean capital of Santiago on Friday afternoon, uniting in a call for huge social and political change in the country.

"This is really emotional, the fact that we are all together, this is a very new thing for Chile," said Camilo Godoy, surrounded by chants of "Oh, Chile Desperto" (Chile woke up).

Demonstrators are seen near a fire during a protest against Chile's state economic model in Santiago, Chile [Henry Romero/Reuters]. »

Facebook pledged $1bn to help California's housing crisis. Can't they pay their taxes instead? | Ross Barkan

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Tech companies like Facebook have inexorably driven up rents in California’s urban core, fueling wide-scale displacement and homelessness.

Yes, it’s better that Facebook contributed $1bn to housing than nothing at all.

Paying more in taxes could help state and federal governments, which are actually accountable to voters, fund affordable housing initiatives. »