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Saturday October 26th, 2019 day edition

image for We’ve officially annihilated a second strain of polio. Only one remains

The obliterated strain—wild poliovirus type 3 (WPV3)—is one of only three wild strains of polio.

That leaves only one wild strain remaining: WPV1.

“Wild poliovirus type 3 is globally eradicated,” commission chair and vaccine expert David Salisbury declared at a celebration at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

In under-immunized populations with poor sanitation, the weakened viruses can circulate and spread just like the three wild strains.

We remain fully committed to ensuring that all necessary resources are made available to eradicate all poliovirus strains.

We urge all our other stakeholders and partners to also stay the course until final success is achieved.”.

So far, only two infectious diseases have been globally eradicated: smallpox and rinderpest, a viral disease that affects cattle. »

Muslim teen athlete disqualified in Ohio race over hijab

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A teenage Muslim athlete in the US state of Ohio has told of her devastation at being disqualified for wearing a hijab during a race.

Her teammates then told her she had been disqualified because of her hijab.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption ‘The power of the hijab for Muslim girls in sport’. »

Facebook includes Breitbart in new 'high quality' news tab

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Facebook News is a separate section of the company’s mobile app that will feature articles from about 200 publishers.

The company will pay some publishers between $1m and $3m each year to feature their articles, according to Bloomberg.

Enforcement was spotty, however, and a year after Charlottesville, several groups and individuals involved in Charlottesville were back on Facebook. »

Checking out attractive alternatives does not necessarily mean you're going to cheat, study finds

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In an experiment, 177 undergraduate students in monogamous romantic relationships reported how much attention they paid to attractive people.

The researchers then conducted a longitudinal study, in which 101 newlywed couples completed assessments of self-control and attending to attractive alternatives.

: Self-Regulation Determines Whether Noticing Attractive Alternatives Increases Infidelity“, was authored by Ashlyn Brady, Levi R. Baker, and Rowland S. Miller. »