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Friday October 18th, 2019 night edition

image for Blizzard bans 3 more 'Hearthstone' players for holding up pro-Hong Kong protest signs during a livestream

Blizzard has been accused of trying to appease China after punishing tournament players voicing support for the Hong Kong protests.

Chambers tweeted to say he was "happy to announce" the ban, in an apparent mockery of Blizzard's actions.

Blizzard is embroiled in a fresh censorship controversy after banning three more 'Hearthstone' players for supporting the Hong Kong protests during a tournament.

Though Blizzard initially took no action, Chambers, Dark and TJammer were scheduled to play again in the Collegiate tournament, forcing Blizzard to play its hand.

It promptly informed the three players of its decision to ban them via email on Tuesday, player Casey Chambers confirmed.

The firm banned Blitzchung for a year and confiscating his prize money, but softened its stance after considerable public outrage.

Up to 30 employees at Blizzard's parent company, Activision Blizzard, reportedly walked out of work in protest. »

'The Batman' Casts Paul Dano as the Riddler

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Filmmaker Matt Reeves has found his Riddler for The Batman.

Paul Dano has signed on as the classic villain, Warner Bros. announced Thursday.

Jonah Hill was at one point eyeing a role as either the Riddler or the Penguin, but the deal did not come to fruition. »

Elton John Calls 'The Lion King' Remake 'Huge Disappointment'

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“The new version of ‘The Lion King’ was a huge disappointment to me, because I believe they messed the music up,” John told the magazine on Sunday.

“Music was so much a part of the original and the music in the current film didn’t have the same impact.

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