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Sunday October 13rd, 2019 evening edition

image for French phone company rings up a bill of €11,721,000,000,000,000

of Pessac, a Bordeaux suburb, had just lost her job and wanted to end her phone subscription, when the final bill arrived.

She told her local paper, Sud Ouest: "I nearly had a heart attack.

There were so many zeros that I couldn't even work out how much it was.".

She called Bouygues Telecom, the phone company headed by Martin Bouygues, a friend of Nicolas Sarkozy, but was told by shrugging staff there was nothing they could do.

Several calls later, an adviser admitted it was a mistake: San Jose owed €117.21.

The company has apologised and let her off the real bill. »

Deafening cinema sound is ruining films, claims Hugh Grant

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For the actor Hugh Grant, the experience of watching at his local London cinema last week was “unendurable”, but not because of Todd Phillips’s menacing vision as director.

Grant said he was grateful, but wondered how they could help unless they knew where he had seen the film.

Many filmgoers say they believe sound levels have been crawling up the decibel scale, and not just for the adverts and trailers. »

Sondland to tell Congress that contents of 'no quid pro quo' text came from Trump: report

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Democrats have argued that such a quid pro quo did exist and that Trump abused the powers of the presidency by approaching Ukraine's government about launching such an investigation.

Sondland is expected to testify before three House committees on Thursday, defying an order from the State Department not to comply with Democrats' impeachment inquiry.

This report was updated on Oct. 13 at 6:28 a.m. »

Microplastics: Why plastic is causing big problems for worms

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A new scientific study has shown that microplastics in soil can be harmful to worms.

The study by Anglia Ruskin University showed that tiny pieces of plastic cause the worms to lose weight.

Earthworms are an important part of farming as they help boost the nutrients found in the soil - so this is latest form of plastic pollution particularly bad news for farmers. »

Simon Phillips auf Twitter: "“Abramovich’s right-hand man rang me. He wants to buy a club in London. Spurs or Chelsea? I said, ‘What does he want to do?’ He said he wants to win. I said, ‘So buy Chels

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