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Saturday October 5th, 2019 morning edition

image for This Utah woman was charged for being topless in her own home. Now, she’s arguing the lewdness law is unconstitutional.

The children were a little embarrassed at the sight — but Buchanan told them they shouldn’t treat her differently because she was a woman.

After getting wind of what Buchanan had thought was an innocent encounter, they filed criminal charges against the 27-year-old West Valley City woman.

If convicted, Buchanan could land in jail and stay on the sex offender registry for the next 10 years.

Buchanan faces criminal penalties for being shirtless in her own home, Richards argues, while her husband was also in the same state of undress and is not charged.

In these past eight months since she was charged, Buchanan has had the case looming in the back of her mind.

A teachable moment on body positivity and acceptance to her stepchildren resulted in a lewdness charge for Tilli Buchanan.

It’s still not something that’s discussed within their family, and Buchanan said they’ve shielded their children from the criminal case. »

Martin Scorsese says Marvel movies are 'not cinema'

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Martin Scorsese, one of cinema’s most venerated current directors, has decried superhero movies – the dominant force in today’s industry.

the director said when asked if he had seen Marvel’s movies.

Out today is Joker, Todd Phillip’s revisionist take on the DC villain, which borrows much from the films of Scorsese, notably 1983’s The King of Comedy. »

24% of Your Cable TV Bill Is Just Bogus Fees, Study Says

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In other words, about 24 percent of your cable TV bill each month ($37.11) is made up of fees and hidden surcharges.

According to Consumer Reports, cable TV and broadband providers increasingly use hidden fees to advertise one price, then hit consumers with a significantly higher rate once the bill comes due.

Based on the number of cable TV customers in the States, Consumer Reports estimates that the cable industry nets an estimated $28 billion a year in such surcharges. »

21-year-old oversleeps jury duty, goes to jail for 10 days

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But for 21-year-old Deandre Somerville the nightmare came after he actually overslept for jury service in a Florida courtroom.

A judge sentenced Somerville to the jail time, plus one year on probation and 150 hours of community service after he failed to serve on a jury Aug. 21.

“They handcuffed me in the courtroom after that,” said Somerville, who spent the next 10 days in jail. »