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Thursday October 3rd, 2019 evening edition

image for Naturopath who said bicarbonate soda cures cancer banned for life by health watchdog

A naturopath who told vulnerable clients that their cancer was a fungus that could be cured with bicarbonate soda rather than through conventional medical treatment has been barred from practising for life, according to the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission.

Barbara O’Neill describes herself as a qualified naturopath and nutritionist and has worked at health retreats in Queensland, Victoria and NSW.

She gives lectures internationally, has authored books on health and nutrition, and appears in YouTube videos.

The HCCC found: “Mrs O’Neill does not recognise that she is misleading vulnerable people including mothers and cancer sufferers by providing very selective information.”.

It's time to inject some sense into the nonsense peddled by the anti-science crowd | Melissa Davey Read more.

She has been permanently barred from providing any health services either voluntarily or in a paid capacity, including giving lectures.

According to the investigation, O’Neill falsely claimed in one lecture that a doctor had a 90% success rate curing cancer with sodium bicarbonate injections. »

Fox News Host Todd Starnes Out After Saying Democrats Worship Pagan God Moloch

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He made headlines as recently as Monday for comments during his his radio program that Democrats do not believe in the Christian God and instead may worship Moloch, a pagan god often associated with child sacrifice.

Fox News on Wednesday confirmed that Starnes is no longer working at the network but did not elaborate on the reasons behind his departure.

In the place of his “Fox News & Commentary” radio program, Fox News Radio will broadcast “Fox Across America.” »

Virginia doctor sentenced to 40 years in opioid case

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A doctor who prosecutors said ran a medical practice in Virginia like an interstate drug distribution ring was sentenced Wednesday to 40 years in prison for illegally prescribing opioids.

Judge James Jones sentenced Smithers to 40 years.

Smithers was convicted in May of more than 800 counts of illegally distributing opioids, including oxycodone and oxymorphone that caused the death of a West Virginia woman. »

Canada Probe Finds ‘Deadpool 2′ Producers’ Safety Law Violations Contributed To Death Of Stuntwoman Joi Harris

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Barriers were absent that should have prevented the stunt performer and motorcycle from leaving the set perimeter.”.

The employer failed to complete important health and safety documentation, including a stunt safety inspection checklist and a production activity notification checklist, as required by its own health and safety program.”.

20th Century Fox, which released the Marvel superhero sequel starring Ryan Reynolds in May 2018, reportedly reached an out-of-court settlement with Harris’ family in April. »