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Wednesday October 2nd, 2019 morning edition

image for Facebook Removes Pro-Trump Patriotic 'Police Lives Matter' Pages After They Were Found to Be Run From Kosovo

Facebook has taken down a network of pages that promoted American patriotism and President Donald Trump after they were revealed to be run from Kosovo.

There were more than 170,000 followers of the "Police Lives Matter" page, which shared provocative viral content supporting U.S. police officers and included pages with the titles "All Lives Matter," "I Support The Police US not Criminals" and "Blue Lives Matter USA.".

The investigative website Popular Information revealed that while promoting American identity, the pages were actually run from Kosovo and sought to make money by playing on the emotions of Americans.

Facebook was alerted to the pages on September 27 and has taken all the pages down.

"Police Lives Matter" was part of a network of Facebook pages run from Kosovo that sought to exploit the right-wing backlash against the Black Lives Matter movement w/names like "I Support The Police US not Criminals".

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Facebook said that like the Ukrainian pages, the Kosovar pages do not appear to be state-run or politically-motivated and that they were "a spammy group looking to profit from political content.". »

Trump falsely calls impeachment probe ‘a coup’ designed to strip citizens of rights in wild Twitter tirade

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Donald Trump has issued his most inflammatory condemnation yet of the impeachment investigation against him, labelling it “a COUP” designed to strip Americans of their freedoms.

On Tuesday night, Mr Trump falsely likened the impeachment process to a coup, typically defined as an illegal and often violent seizure of power from a government.

The Democrat challengers to Trump in 2020 Show all 22 left Created with Sketch. »

Trump focuses anger at whistleblower as impeachment inquiry deepens

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We're going to have three major depositions or days for the House Intelligence Committee.

After that, Thursday, House Intelligence Committee will be hearing from Ambassador Volker, who used to be the U.S. envoy to Ukraine for President Trump.

Friday, that is a deadline for Secretary of State Pompeo to hand over documents that the House Intelligence Committee is seeking. »

Universal Basic Income Favored in Canada, U.K. but Not in U.S.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A recent survey by Gallup and Northeastern University finds a slight majority of Americans opposed to a universal basic income (UBI) program as a way to support workers displaced by AI adoption.

Support for Universal Basic Income in the U.S., U.K. and Canada Do you support or not support a universal basic income program as a way to help people in [the U.S./the U.K./Canada] who lose their jobs because of advances in artificial intelligence?

Willingness to Pay Higher Taxes to Support Universal Basic Income Programs Would you be willing to pay higher taxes to fund a universal basic income program? »

Andrew Yang proposes that your digital data be considered personal property

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The presidential candidate published his latest policy proposal today: to treat data as a property right.

Announcing the proposal on his website, Yang lamented how our data is collected, used, and abused by companies, often with little awareness or consent from us.

“Data generated by each individual needs to be owned by them, with certain rights conveyed that will allow them to know how it’s used and protect it.”. »