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Wednesday October 2nd, 2019 day edition

image for Ideological differences in the expanse of the moral circle

Study 1a tests the hypothesis that liberalism and conservatism would correlate with love for friends and love for family, respectively.

These analyses suggest that political ideology meaningfully affects love of friends, family, and others universally, independent of other related demographic variables.

Table 1 Standardized betas for regressions using political ideology, education, age, and gender Full size table.

Study 1b tests the hypothesis that just as liberalism and conservatism will correspond to valuing the world and valuing the nation, respectively.

This political difference manifests at the level of family versus friends and the nation versus the world.

In other words, this score reflected participants’ moral regard for friends and global humanity relative to family and one’s nation.

This prediction was confirmed, marginally: conservatives relative to liberals slightly preferred the triangle relative to the circle, r (2072) = −0.04, p = 0.054. »

Trump falsely calls impeachment probe ‘a coup’ designed to strip citizens of rights in wild Twitter tirade

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Donald Trump has issued his most inflammatory condemnation yet of the impeachment investigation against him, labelling it “a COUP” designed to strip Americans of their freedoms.

On Tuesday night, Mr Trump falsely likened the impeachment process to a coup, typically defined as an illegal and often violent seizure of power from a government.

The Democrat challengers to Trump in 2020 Show all 22 left Created with Sketch. »

Trump's Top Religion Advisor: Democrats Do Not Worship Jesus They Worship Demon God 'Moloch' (Video)

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On Monday, as Right Wing Watch reports, Jeffress declared that the god Democrats actually “worship is the pagan god of the Old Testament, Moloch.”.

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“Apparently,” Jeffress continued, “the god they worship is the pagan god of the Old Testament, Moloch, who allowed for child sacrifice.”. »

Pennsylvania legislators push 'fair pay to play' bill for college athletes after California success

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Two western Pennsylvania legislators are pushing for a bill that would allow college athletes to make money off their own talent and likeness, inspired by a similar bill that is becoming a law in California.

Currently, college athletes are prevented from profiting off their own likeness by the NCAA's amateurism rules, which require "student athletes" to maintain amateur status throughout their time as college athletes.

Miller and Gainey quoted Newsom's arguments in favor of empowering college athletes in their joint memo, citing the risks college athletes take compared to the money higher education institutions make from the athletes' likenesses. »

Jordan Peele Inks Rich Five-Year First-Look Deal With Universal

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(Universal inked a two-year overall deal with the filmmaker in May 2017, prior to Peele collecting a best original screenplay Oscar for Get Out.).

“Jordan has established himself as a premier voice and original storyteller with global appeal.

Their willingness to take risks and their commitment to original content makes them the perfect collaborative partner for Monkeypaw. »